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How do you all find the weak players on Full Tilt? At the same time, how do you know if you are entering a tough game? Any suggestions?
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Not exactly.

I went to Mohegan Sun this past Saturday to try to win my way into the Main Event which is taking place this April. As I explained in a previous post, this was going to be the last chance I got to go to the casino in the next few months because of my baby who's coming in the next couple weeks. So mentally, I was really excited to get down there and play well.

As I got to the poker room, you could see all the advertising going on for the tournament. I walked up the registration desk, as for the number of people signed up in each respective buy in amount for the satellites, and got a confused look on the associates face. "What tournament are you asking about," "Ummm, the ones you have posted all over the poker room?!?"

You know what. It's my own fault. After this brief encounter, it dawned on me. Who the heck is trying to satellite into a tournament that is 3 months away? With that realization, my happiness and excitement deflated. I was with a friend, and although I would have had no problems sitting in on the 2/5 NL game, my buddy really wanted to play in a bounty SNG tournament. Since I was in a tournament mood, I obliged. The buy in was only 100 bucks. $65 entry, $25 bounty, $10 Mohegan fee. I sat down with the paltry 2000 chip stack and went to work.

Although I would have never sat down and played in this if I wasn't with my friend, it was actually pretty fun. I guess it surprised me how soft the competition is in these things. I easily went on to win the first tourney I played in for $400 bucks and took out 4 people for an additional $75 bucks in bounties (one $25 bounty chip went to the dealer as a tip). My buddy unfortunately had an awful beat when he went all in with KK against KQ clubs and the guy hit a flush. I knocked that guy out tho a little later.

So what do you do after you win one of those things? You play the rush and buy into another one. So, me and my buddy played in another one, and again, really soft competition and cruised to 3-handed where my my buddy was also in the top 3. Now, does anybody else find that it completely affects their play when a friend is at the table and its really close to the money? I mean, I play in a home game with all friends and it's obviously no holds barred. There are no feelings at the table..... But this was the casino. We had to drive home together for the hour car ride back to our home town. For me, it did affect my play. Luckily, the other person took my friend out, and I was able to play heads up again, and seek vengence. Heads up play lasted 4 hands. I was dealt KK, and just called the BB. He raised, and I just smooth called. Flop, Q45, he pushes all in, I insta call, and hes holding QJ, and I take 1st for the second time in a row.

Overall I ended the day close to $1G up. Not too bad if you ask me. Whats so funny though, on the way home, I was still a bit upset I didn't get to try to satellite into that main event. I did download poker stars though. As soon as those satellites start up, believe me, I will be playing in a bunch of them. If you see "oopssosrry" be sure to say hello. Enough of my rambling. Hope all is well in the Leggo World!
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So in a couple weeks I will be celebrating the birth of my second child, first daughter. What I noticed when I had my son was poker takes a back seat and is almost non existent for a couple months when the baby comes. Until the baby gets on a good eating/sleeping schedule (meaning sleeping through the night) it's tough to be able to be on top of the game and have your mind right. So, I just put poker to the side and pick back up once things get under control. (NOTE: Blog not as long as it seems. Length due to tourney postings)

That segway above leads to the point of this. I will be heading down to Mohegan Sun this weekend to try to satellite my way into the NAPT's second event. This will be the last time I get out to the casino for a while. The main event is going to be the first week in April, and although things still may be a bit crazy, I have a great wife who supports my hobby and I know will hold things down. I can't wait until I reward her with my first big score. It's gonna eventually happen. Here is Mohegan's satellite structure....pretty standard.

"Step 1" $230.00 SATELLITE
(6,000 Chip Stack/20 Minute Blinds)
1 in every 5 Players will advance to a Step 2 event.
Step 1 events held every Sunday at 1:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00p.m. and Wednesday at 2:00pm
Also on Monday January 18th, 1:00pm & Monday February 15th, 1:00pm

"Step 2" $1050.00 SATELLITE
(6,000 Chip Stack/20 Minute Blinds)
1 in every 5 will Advance to the $5,000.00 Main Event
Step 2 events held every Friday at 3:00pm and Sunday at 7:00pm
Also on Monday January 18th, 7:00pm & Monday February 15th, 7:00pm


(1,500 Chip Stack/15 Minute Blinds)
1 in every 10 will Advance to Step 1 $230.00 Multi-Table Satellite
Every Sunday at 9:00am, Tuesday & Thursday at 1:00pm & Wednesday at 10:00am

(3,000 Chip Stack/20 Minute Blinds)
1 in every 10 will Advance to Step 2 $1050.00 Multi-Table Satellite
Every Monday 2:00pm and Friday at 10:00am

(5,000 Chip Stack/20 Minute Blinds)
1 in every 10 will Advance to the Main Event
Every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00pm

Believe it or not, I actually think I am going to try my luck with the $30 satellite to start off. Normally I wouldn't do this, but with playing so many SNG's recently on Full Tilt, working with a stack of 1500 chips will be normal for me. I envision alot of the people playing in these as some older folks and newer players who don't play too often with such as small stack. Granted, these things are still a crapshoot, but they do turn over quickly so the wait for them is not too long because of the small buy-in. I could be waiting a while for the $530 satellite to fill up. If that doesn't work, I'll give myself a couple shots at the $120, and then hopefully come back next week to play in the Step 2.

But I have come to the conclusion that this is my last shot for a while to play in a big tourney. Under normal circumstances I would be down there playing more and sitting in on the $2/5 cash games and win enough to play. BUT, with so much stuff to still do for the baby, and my wife getting tired so quickly, and a 2 year old tearing up the house, family is coming first. So I am wishing myself luck, hoping we make this happen in efforts to play poker at a time that wouldn't normally seem feasible.

My next post will include the results.
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My goal this year is to win my way into a Main Event. I switched over to Poker Stars in light of my most recent blog. With PS offering the NAPT, and one of the events being in Connecticut, i thought I would switch over and see if I can win my way in thru the computer instead of trekking to Mohegan and satellite in.

Does anyone have any experience with STEP tourneys? It seems like an inexpensive way to get in. With the majority of my play being SH SnG's it totally fits my game. Just curious to see if people have any good strategies as opposed to going in their guns a'blazin?

Where the step tourney players at?
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Just heard about Poker Stars' NAPT, and one of the stops will be in my home state of Connecticut. Now instead of just trying to satellite into the WPT stops in Foxwoods, I can add this $5K event into the mix as well. Mohegan Sun has a very nice poker room (reminds me of the Bellagio in Vegas with it's high ceilings), and there convention center is nice as well (where the tourney will most likely be). You can even use points on your players card towards buy ins. I think they'll put together a nice event.

I only play on Full Tilt, but am considered trying out Poker Stars. To any of you that play on that site, will they have satellites to this event on there? If so, I may stay my ass at home and win my way in from the computer instead of driving out to the boonies of CT. Hope to see some of you out there.
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Ok, ok. Now I know this probably isn't the most "trendy" thing to watch on TV (although it sure as hell is better than Jersey Shore), but I have to admit, as a "semi-loyal" Survivor watcher, this season has got to be up there in terms of quality. The villian this year (Russell) has got to be one of the most, if not the most, charasmatic/creative/strategic contestants that the show has ever seen. Russell single-handidly made the show worth watching.

Now for those of you who did watch the show, I know that by stating my case for Russell will either cause you to despise me, or bring us closer together in this blogoshpere world. I have to admit, I did not like this guy one bit in the beginning of the show, and would have put money down that he would not make the merge, but week in and week out, this guy would would make a serious strategic move, or just go out and find immunity idols without clues (something thats never been done before, and he went ahead and found 3!!). I decided that there was no way I could NOT root for this guy. To come onto a show which has been through 17 or so seasons, and come in and do things that no one has ever seen before does take talent.....and with that, my loyalty swayed his way.

I'm not going to bore you with any of the details from the final episode (that is if you even made it this far through the blog), but I will say that even though Russell did not win, I do think he deserved it. Natalie just rode Russell's coattails, which was a GREAT strategy, but what Russell did in the game was just mind-boggling. The jury was so bitter that Russell pulled a fast one on all of them, that they couldn't see the bigger picture that this show is a GAME, and Russell played it the best. I do not take anything away from Natalie though. She was very loyal to Russell and saw that he wasn't making too many friends along the way. She found the stud, and rode that horse all the way to the end. I was happy to see that Russell earned player of the year and $100K to go with it. This next season is going to be an all-star cast which are typically good seasons. For those of you who don't watch, I recommend you try it if theres nothing else on. I'd say this was probably my 2nd favorite show on TV this year (next to Season 2 of the Sons of Anarchy, by far the BEST show on TV).

To all of you though, happy holidays, merry christmas, and happy new year! I'm hoping 2010 brings big things to us all.
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Hey everyone. I'm new here, and just wanted to introduce myself. I am currently writing this from my office at work, and wondering exactly why it is I am not on the felt right this second. And as quickly as that thought comes to my head, reminders of my wife, son, baby daughter on the way, mortgage, and student loans, all hit me in the stomach like the 'ole runner runner fush draw the old guy hits to knock you out of a tournament.

I started playing poker back in college (which now seems like lght years ago....actually 2003) and like so many others, instantly became addicted. Playing as much as possible, reading anything and everything about the game (and yes, I did read Hellmuths book....strike!) and just grew to absolutely love it. Now, the last thing I am, is a wunderkid, who started playing freerolls and built a bankroll of millions of dollars (do u ever ask yourself, HOW THE HELL DOES SOMEONE DO THAT???), although I wish I was. I'm the guy who drops $50 dollars a time into Full Tilt, build it up to a couple hundred dollars, only to find myself losing it all when I tell myself that I can beat these fields of 5000 people. It's never happened, and with my attitude, probably never will. But I think I'm ok with that, and I've come to grips.

Having a kid, buying a house, these things sort of ground you, and the dreams I used to have begin to seem a bit silly. Five years ago, poker seemed like it was going to be my life. Today, poker is a hobby (who says though you can't be really good at a hobby). And although poker has shifted in "my grand scheme of things" I will continue to dominate in my weekly home game, and will continue to try to satellite my way into the WPT events at Foxwoods (started on an Act 1 this past month and made it to the Act 3, but couldn't close....oh well, such is life), which reminds me....the WPT comes back in March, so I got about 4 months to get my game straight. I guess that's why, I'm here.

My name is Josh, and I'm new here.
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