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Anyone have any recommendations for short time lapse type videos? Enjoy watching them and they look really great on the iPad screen.

Favourite ones I have seen so far:

The Mountain http://vimeo.com/22439234

Moments In China http://vimeo.com/45660425

Tokyo Slo-Mode http://vimeo.com/29186408
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...while i'm running hot so I can recoup all the monies I lost gambling on planes.

Was gonna push for 6figs but got summoned to drink with the lads, so I guess I'll play one more day maybe, but my month is basically a wrap.

Crushed ppl, ran hot.
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***** Hand History for Game 426248643 *****
$1000.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Thursday, April 05, 06:17:45 ET 2012
Table Hanover (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Seat 1: vernonh ( $1081.00 USD )
Seat 2: maritozalito ( $2315.00 USD )
Seat 4: seat 4 ( $3973.18 USD )
Seat 6: derwahredu ( $2847.25 USD )
Seat 7: big_bug ( $1108.50 USD )
Seat 9: robeebee ( $4309.75 USD )
derwahredu posts small blind [$5.00 USD].
big_bug posts big blind [$10.00 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to robeebee [ As Ad ]
robeebee raises [$35.00 USD]
vernonh folds
maritozalito folds
seat 4 calls [$35.00 USD]
derwahredu folds
big_bug folds
** Dealing Flop ** [ 3h, Ac, 5c ]
robeebee bets [$63.75 USD]
seat 4 raises [$127.50 USD]
robeebee raises [$386.25 USD]
seat 4 raises [$645.00 USD]
robeebee raises [$3824.75 USD]
seat 4 calls [$3165.68 USD]
** Dealing Turn ** [ Kd ]
** Dealing River ** [ 5s ]
seat 4 shows [Ah, Qc ]
robeebee shows [As, Ad ]
robeebee wins $7957.36 USD from main pot
robeebee wins $336.57 USD
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Alright so I'm home for Xmas. Back to where my parents live for a couple days - some sleepy village in the south of England.

I decided not to bring my laptop or obviously my desktop since I'm only around for a few days (obv bring the iPad cos who can live without the Internet?). Just get done with watching Match Of The Day, and the family go to bed. I stay downstairs messing about on the iPad (which is kinda painful sometimes... The Internet in the village ain't great) watching some gash film in the background (kinda whacked out on Tramadol (pain meds) it's also worth mentioning.)

A good mate messages me telling me there's some good action. I tell him that I have no computer so it would be tough. Suddenly I remember I have left my desktop on at my home in Guildford (about 60 miles away) so I use an app on the iPad called logmein which allows you to control your PC from your iPad, so I can rail.

The game was full and there was a waiting list by now. It was also 200/400 which is 4x higher than I've ever played, so I'm good to rail my mate who is doing well. A few hands in I realise wtf this guy is terrible. Really bad. I join the wait but whatever, he'll be gone soon.

He busts and I close the program and tell my mate to lmk if he's ever on again. He informs me "he is, right now" load back up, and it's true he's sat again with another $20k at another table. I get a seat to his right.

11 hands in I get AA in the bb. He raises UTG I reraise sth ridiculous and we get it in on a 692cc and I hold.

So that is the story of how I won a ~$41k pot, 60 miles away from my computer in a remote village, on my iPad, high on pain meds.


Oh and wd to my boy who had a 100k day.
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After a year of living in Thailand, balling out with a shitload of poker players, not knowing what day it is (in fact, i'm ashamed to say it took me a good minute to remember what year it was when I was at the airport.. i am aware this is a terrible thing), getting drunk 4x/week and travelling to 13 different countries to sight-see and party, I am back in the UK.

I'm back to Surrey to be precise. The move was looong. I had way too much stuff in my possession. I don't quite know how I had that much stuff even if you do ignore my ridiculous collection of Japanese t-shirts.

I'm back to finish degree in business at university. Moved in to a 6 person house with 5 close friends. It's worlds away from the life I've had for the past year (living in the penthouse of the 36th&37th floor which the ambassador of Switzerland had just moved out of comes to mind), however that's not to say it's worse in any way.. in fact I know it will be awesome, despite having to get up at unsociable hours (9am) and not having a maid (this just starting to sink in). It will however be nice to not be spending 5 figures each month on just living and going out.

Poker has not been going as I had hoped. I had my worst ever downswing recently (and I have had a few $100k/50+bi downswings), and technically am still in it. Also feel aside from this I am running super bad (not just EV wise, which, obviously doesn't look pretty). Though now starting to settle into the new house, have the two 30" monitors back up and running and am ready to grind again!

Along with this, I'm starting to get a few investments together. Me and my cousin are buying a daycare center which she will run and we will split the investments/profits down the middle. Also invested in an app and looking into making another one with a friend, which I will keep people up to date with as and when they are released.

Basically I'm just trying to diversify a lot, and get passive income coming in to go with the rent from my flat that I bought. The hope.. to have enough passive income coming in so that it pays for my lifestyle and I can do whatever i want wherever i want.


Edit: Still wondering if FTP are gonna give us all back the money they stole off us, not quite up to date on that subject.. really should try catching up.
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Going to Korea for a month. Would appreciate any advice on nightlife or places to go.

Gonna go out alotttt so midweek advice would be great.

Monthly goal: Go out a shit load... grind over 20k hands. Attainable goal I think.

edit: f u klink

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Football tour time again.

Have you ever been on holiday with 32 other lads? If not, let me describe it for you. It is mental.

Went to Portugal a few days ago to play some other teams in some random friendly matches that no one really cared about. It's all about the booze.

When we went out at night we basically had a police escort watching over us at all times. 4 Huge blokes with batons and guns. They used their batons on us more than once when we got out of line.

They mostly hated the lying down game. Which, is as it sounds. A nominated person lies on their stomach. The last person from the group to do the same has to do a forfeit. This obviously prompts 33 guys (and sometimes others who like the look of it, or are scared there is a bomb in the building) to pounce on the floor - whether it be in a bar, club, restaurant or on the pitch during a game.

It was a holiday resort which makes it somewhat better as they are used to rowdy gatherings of people (Brits) and most of the bars were half outside half covered, though I'd be surprised if they get many groups like a football club on tour.

It's very fun, but totally exhausting. Back to the quiet life in Bangkok...
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I'm suffering today. Quite a bit, after an all day bender for xmas. Just hanging around waiting for football to come on, thought i'd show some randomers a shameless brag

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Happy - Found 28k in an old poker account that i had forgot about for around a year.

Sad - Did not win too much money last month.

Happy - Going away to live in asia then america starting tomorrow.

Sad - The flat above my new flat has a leak and has destroyed my living room floor, delaying getting it on the market.

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Just ran mindblowingly bad.

1k hands of 25/50. The rest was 10/20. When I hit the lowest point I just said fuck it, I'll grind some 5/10 for a while. First time in like a year and a half or sth? At times it was just unreal soft.

This is gonna be my last structured end of month type update, guess I'll just use this to post thoughts that no-one really cares about, getting annoying updating 2 blogs.
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