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hey leggo! been a while cuz ive not really been playing poker that much at all. ~20K hands this year? I'd check pt but cba opening it . hope you're all still crushing and running the streets and all that jazz! Gotten heavily into snowboarding recently and I can't pick between these 2 boards, soo... which looks nicer leggo land?

http://cdn1.static.mporatrons.com/si...-2011-2012.jpg (the blue one, imagine with white bindings)


im basically going on how it looks between these 2. for those who know about snowboarding the blue one is a bit better for flying down mountains and the orange a bit better for park riding, but not as much as the adverts suggest. I'm a beginner as well so won't make too much diff, just want a nice all round board and I like the idea of having yes written on it
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been a while, time for an update!

Came back from Vegas a couple of days ago, still pretty tired. 6 weeks is a loooong time to be in that place. I had fun, all a bit of a blur now though and I'm glad to be back in manchester.

I'll write about my vegas experiences later on, for some reason I'm finding it hard to form coherent sentences so I'll go through all the wsop poker stuff....

hardly played online at all, played maybe 2k hands of plo on ft, that's it. So it was all live. Played 8 tournaments overall and cashed in one. Played some live cash sessions and won in every one which was nice.

Tourney number 1: 1500nl 6 max. Can't even remember what happened in that one except that I didn't cash, only know I played it cuz I've still got the receipt. Think i was just pretty short for most of it. Remember hero calling a woman... i was wrong. something like A9 on a 88469 board maybe. i raised co she called bb, i checked back flop and called 2 streets (knew i was bluff catching on river even though it looks like a really good card) she had pawket rawkets.

number 2: 1500 plo. My 1st ever wsop cash! I came 74th for a cool $2950 (or something like that). Just trying to think of some noteworthy hands. I remember my bustout hand I'll start with that: some guy raises i flat AKTT with nut clubs and like 40bbs, pretty standard. 2 other callers. Flop J42cc. pfr checks i anounce pot. btn calls everyne else folds. turn is a blank maybe a 7 or something, i say all in. guy tanks (lol) and calls with J4xx, river A gg. Can't think of any other hands.. on to the next one!

number 3: 2500 6max nl: Lets give this 2 card game another chance... On elkys table and literally my 1st hand im in bb with AT. Some guy was actually sat in my seat and was just about to play with my stack before i turned up, wonder what happens if he did that. imagine i just take his seat. Anywyay, AT. elky raises btn i call. flop AJ4 goes check check. turn 8 i bet he raises. Wasn't thrilled, but i call river is a blank and i cf pretty quickly and didn't think it was a tough decision. Maybe 10 hands later i get dealt KK in sb. Some guy raises ep and there are 2 callers. I squeeze and everyone calls. Flop K62r. Boom! I decide to get a little sneaky and check, noone bets unfortunately. turn 8 bringing back door diamonds. I bet out and get called in 2 spots, no diamond! river is an off suit 4. Not really sure whats best here tbh since I'm obviously strong, and they probably dont have much and wont bluff much if i check, but i shove for like 2/3 pot and hope someone hero calls cuz it is a donkament. btn calls with 75dd and all my chips go to him. I then go to the bellagio and play a 12 hour session of 10/20nl. I actually quite enjoyed myself. Phil Laak was at a table close by playing 25/50 and kept bringing me food, which i thought was really nice of him! "here you go kid, looks like you could do with some healthy food" gives me some salmon and broccoli, then some fruit for dessert. thanks Phil!

Number 4: 2500 plo. Just can't think of a single hand in this one. hmm. next tournament! Actually wait, this is the one where I lost a big pot with AKTTcc i think. That hand is my trouble hand apparently. This hand was ridiculous. I raise and there are 2 callers, I'm oop. Flop comes Q98r (one club) so i bet my blockers get called by both players. Turn is like the 3c. So I shove for a little less than pot. I was pretty sure neither of them had JT, and i look so strong + i have outs. I really like my play. guy to my left sighs and folds (said he had 99 after the hand). btn calls with bare Q8.... Q8!!!! river blanks and he wins my stack. The plo tournaments all have rebuy chips though so I wasn't out. Played a few hands with the fossilman, I was sat opposite him, and found it very hard to keep a straight face when he wore those glasses. Nice guy though.

Number 5: 2500 HA: Nothing much to report here, got knocked out late in day one, just couldnt get anything going. Managed to suck out AK vs KK which was fun. Lakers game was on during that, i was more interested in watching that than playing, don't know much about the sport, but it was an exciting finish.

Number 6: 5k plo: Really liked the plo tournaments, the players were terrible and you got 3 rebuy chips! Don't think I've ever played in a softer plo game than this, I'd say it played like an average 10c/25c plo game online, just ridiculous stuff was taking place, but I wasn't making many hands and found myself with no chips before the dinner break, oh well. Was such a good spot though.

Number 7: 10k plo: Wasn't gonna play, but why not. Was doing fine in the plo side games and had a bit of cash to spare. Was going fine, table was decent. Although i had tsrasst to my direct left and ashman to his left. Ashman got knocked out kinda early which made the table better. I managed to win with AAragrag aipf against ashmans JT97, some guys QQ77, and another guys double suited KK. flop was like 552 turn 7 river... the ace from space! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pda1iRyHfJ8&NR=1). Was in a pretty good shape then I played a hand terrrribly and lost a lot of chips. co (decent reg) raises, we're like 20k deep at 100/200. i 3b Ac6cKJ which is questionable, my friend who is a plo pro says he flats there, but I like putting pressure on in position, i was pretty sure he wasnt gonna 4b there with anything but AA and the blinds were decent players. he calls flop come Q45cc he checks, this is def a check back, but i bet he raises and i get it in he has QQ. Really dont like my play in that hand fortunately it was just before the break so i had a chance to get of tilt from how badly i played that hand. A bit after dinner i got AA99 on a 953dd board all in against the table fish who had been running insanely hot. Was unlucky to run into a hand he actually played fine in that spot AK68dd, like he could have had bare 93 there. river d gg.

Number 8: THE MAIN EVENT. results were that I made day 4, and finished like 850th, 747 got paid.

Day 1: 1st hand... 50/1 blinds. mp limps btn limps, sb pumps it up to 250, mp calls, btn folds. brilliant. Can't remember too many hands, i remember hero-calling the same guy twice with like 4th pair on a 3straight/3 flush board and being right, 2nd one busted him actually. Played really well up to like the 3rd to last hand. was doing great and had like 75k. i raise Ac6h in like early/mid position. 2 callers. flop 44Tcc i cbet, 1st guy folds and guy in sb min raises. he can have like 66 here based on reads. I should just fold here, it's a tournament and tight is the way to go. but i dont and call. turn is the 8c, he c/c river blanks and he c/c again with 96cc. was really pissed off with myself since i was like "dont do anything dumb in these last few hands, it's really unecessary". so ended day 1 with like 48k i think.

Day 2: cant remember much about day 2 but i remember it being annoying. ended with 40k.

Day 3: Lose AA to 88 aipf early on and am down to 20k. steal a load of pots though and play really well and get up to like 100kish. Played well again i think, put a few chips in out of place, but overall was happy at my play on the table. table was pretty good too, not great, but...
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There it is, ONE MILLLLLION DOLLARS! Sorry couldn't resist with the dr. evil pic, had to be done. Since I haven't written a blog post in a while I thought I'd use this meangingless milestone as an opportunity to spew some thoughts about being a poker player onto a page. Hopefully you get something out of this, I know I will.

Attitude: The most important thing by far, I don't care how many hours you've logged, videos you've seen or forum posts you've read, without the right attitude you won't go anywhere.

Confidence: It's imperitive. Have to believe in yourself. It's the backbone of success.

Success: it's an indivdual thing, don't compare yourself to others to decide how successful you are. Do your own thing, who cares what anyone else thinks?

Pride: "That's pride fucking with you. Fuck pride" Grudge matches? Seriously? Have to keep that internet rep up! A while ago (was playing 2/4 at the time I think) I was talking to a friend of mine who plays on the same site as me. He was talking to another reg on that site who told him he had the jesus seat on some drooler. I wish my friend never told him that it was me! Never take yourself too seriously.

Becoming an expert: Don't. If you suggest an idea that goes against an experts way of thinking they'll dissmiss it as being wrong without consideration. Be the beginner that's always open to different ideas. This mindset + experience is a very powerful combination.

Discipline: meh

Detachment: I used to live up to the ideal that I should be playing with complete detachment from results. Winning doesn't affect me, losing doesn't affect me. Essentially I'd be a robot. Don't try to do this, fact of the matter is that we aren't robots. Experience the wins and the losses and the emotions that go along with them, it's part of the ride!

Tilt: don't get too carried away with the above idea! I have been known to tilt, still do from time to time. There's so much written about this, the best thing I can think of is to not get angry at yourself if you do tilt. It happened, figure out why, move on.

Passion: If you want to improve and keep improving you have to be passionate. When I was moving up the levels I used to think about poker all the time, thnking about different and creative lines to take (then being annoyed when I saw them on a cr vid ). When I went to lectures I certainly wasn't thinking about maths! Watching a load of videos and playing a lot will only get you so far. Don't force yourself to play if you don't want to, or if you get into a drone like routine. Just take a break, poker isn't going away.

The games are dying: No they're not.

Dog eat dog: In essence that's what poker is, kill or be killed, but you don't have to look at it like that. Competition is healthy, being angry or having contempt towards your competitors is not. There's enough money to go around.

Bumhunters: Since the term is widely used I'll use it here, although I don't want to put "bumhunters" down since that just goes against what's written above! They make their choices and you have to respect that, they aren't breaking any rules. With that said, players who only play the fishies are no good for the games, and so in the long run are actually hurting themselves. Instead of hating them get them to realize that truth. If you are one of these players then that's cool, but it is much better for the games (and your game) if you play good players. So start some games with the regs, don't instantly sit out if the fish leaves, and play some regulars hu every now and again. Another thing to consider is that it's definitely no coincidence that all the top players frequently play other top players. Finally, you're a gambler, perhaps it's time to take a risk!

Spew: No-one plays flawless poker, and the way I see it is that, from a very general perspective, there are two ways in which you can deviate from flawless play; either you put too much money in the middle, or not enough. Be the player that puts a little too much in.

Ev graphs: what a waste of time.

Whining: either you can't control what you're moaning about in which case there's no point. Or you can and so instead of moaning, do something about it! Don't play the victim. I have certainly been guilty of this, just read some of my earlier blog posts! The last time you complained about a bad beat will be your last ever time!

Downswing: A poker player's greatest teacher.

Perspective: Right at the start of the graph (around hands 3k to ~5k) I went on a downswing, that was was of the toughest times of my poker career.

Have fun!!: Last and certainly not least. Why do something you don't enjoy?

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me, fionnmac and asa are staying for full 6 weeks, from June 3rd onwards, we do have a cpl of maybes, but obviously arent going to let them be indecisive forever! About $4k for 6 weeks. Anyone who's interested just shoot me a pm!
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<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/ON-7v4qnHP8&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/ON-7v4qnHP8&hl=en&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

So there I was this morning at about 11, barely managing to keep my eyes open while i clicked buttons to try and isolate the fish. I had just been up all night playing, I was about to go to bed at about 3 when I saw a bad player sitting at 25/50, i just kept playing. I didn't really want to mind, but felt compelled. I made excuses like "this is my job, it's what i do", or "i can't pass up this soft high stakes game!" but that was all bullshit. It was all about the money!

I have a belief that we were brought up to have the mindset that success = money and money = success. We got told that we go to school so we can get to college, we go to college so we can get to university, we got to university so we can get a good job, we get a good job and make loadsamoney! And we've made it! We're a success!

I don't think money is all that valuable really. I was watching Bear Grylls a while ago (a survivalist expert). He was making his way out of some remote part of Africa and came accross a hunter-gatherer tribe. Bear Grylls helped them hunt for food. They spent 8 hours digging a hole to capture a porcupine. Before watching I never realized how big these things were, and how viscious they were! An animal is most deadly when it's cornered and it's life is threatened. After digging the hole and cornering it it dashed out, eveyrone just managed to get out of the way, jump up a few feet in the air and grip to the side of the whole. But man, that thing could have done a lot of damage! So here are people who just spent 8 hours digging a hole, then risking their life to give a small amount of food to themselves and the tribe, you try telling them about your money problems! Or try impresing them with how much paper you have managed to accumulate. Puts things in perspective, eh?

Money just gets you stuff, most of it really unecessary. So why am I doing something that I really don't enjoy (not poker, but playing all night) just to get a few more s? I have more than enough money as it is. I think it comes down to an addiciton to money. There was a program about prostitutes, 6 or 7 of them were being asked some questions. Each one was very unhappy and felt very unsatisfied with their life (as I'm sure you can imagine). They got asked why they did it if it made them so unhappy/unfulfilled. Each of them had the same response: "I have an addiction to money" They were taking in like 5/6k a week tax free and they got addicted to it. They certainly didn't need that amount of money, they spent most of it straight away on clothes/drugs/jewlrey etc anyway (none of which was very fulfilling to them). But they did something that they hated just to get it! Well last night/this morning I think I had the experience of being a whore. It wasn't fun. Never again, never again.

I'm off to see my family. Peace!
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and didn't tilt once! I'm unstopable now!

update on what's been going on...

went to Barcelona for the EPT, great city I'll definitely go back again. I went with Big raaaj (roger manifield on 2p2), fionnmac and asa smith who came 5th and shipped 200k euros!

I'm yet to have a big tournament success, busted out at the end of day 1. I was playing well and bluffing my way to keep up with the average, but then there was a very unfortunate hand against mini ziig (guy who looked exactly like ziigmund, but smaller). He played decent. Actually, I'll tell you about another hand first..

Kinda early on in the tournament, we prob have like 100-150bbs eff. I had been passive pf, since I had been getting dealt a lot of KJ/KQ/33 type hand which would suck to 3b at that stage. An American internet kid opens in ep, i decide to get a little frisky and 3b A7o in mp, he flats. Flops J62r he cf (quite quickly) QQ face up. tee hee. Soooo tempted to show the 7, but resisted and later bluffed him a ton of times!

Onto the mini ziig hand..
I raised utg with KK I have a taggy image capable of getting tricky. He didn't see my open and threw in his open amount which was slightly more than mine. Came back to me, was a bit of confusion, but unfortunately it didn't count as a re-raise. Flop came 884r. I was thinking that since he showed strength and given the muddle up pf and since i opened utg, a bet bet bet line by me would look like KK+ maybe QQ. I also didn't think he'd bluff me too much if i bet. So i c/c. turn blank, like a 6 or something i c/c again a rather large bet and river a 2, i c/c another large bet he had A8 (and would have folded pf if he saw my raise ). That left me pretty crippled. I shoved my way back to 17bb then open shoved KT in the co and got called by AQ. (is raise/folding better?) gg.

I'm thinking about playing the smaller events in cities that I really want to visit from now on. As I was thinking throughout day 1 that if I do well then I'm stuck in a casino for 4/5 days, and I really wanted to see Barca! Probably not the best mindset to have...

Sweating the final table was a lot of fun, there was a spaniard playing and so literally everyone was supporting him. Except for 3 rowdy brits (me, fionmacc and another guy (wt5s i think his 2p2 name is or stars idk)) and two canadians we were with, trying their best to dissociate themselves from us. With good reason to be fair. We were adapting some footballl chants to asa's name. He stole the blinds once and we starting singing at the top of our voices, i caught the dealer giving us the biggest "wtf are you doing??!" look.

Big Raaaj, mac and I figured that while we were in spain we might as well check out Ibiza. It was fun, but not really my kind of place, although apparently we went to the wrong part. None of us really knew anything about Ibiza and went to San Antonio, when I came back my mate said ibiza town was the place to go. Oh well, always next time!

Next stop London...
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This is all since coming back from vegas. Here's the graph:

and the limits:

I don't think I've ever grinded this much before, I've played on average about 5 hours a day! Think I may need some help. Seriously though I've been really enjoying playing poker again. I was getting a bit burnt out at the start of this year and the Thailand/Vegas trips were really what I needed. Don't think I played a single hand of online poker in about 6 weeks. The months leading up to the trips consisted of 15k hands/month, maaaybe 20k if I really stretched myself! So it's nice to be back enjoying playing again. Don't wanna get obsessed though so I'm gonna call it a month since I managed to reach that magical 100k milestone.
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Go out and see bruno now! I was bit surprised seeing 3 elderly people walking in, didn't think that was the demographic that Sacha was aiming for. 10 minutes into the film... 3 elderly people walk out of the cinema disgusted.

I haven't posted a proper blog post in a while, been really busy travelling and not playing poker. Thailand was the first place I went to. 3 scruffy, jet lagged boys walk into one of the nicest hotels in Bangkok with no reservations. 5 minutes later we are sat in our penthouse suite that sets us back about 100/night each. Not too shabby! Ours was next door to a couple of British poker players living out there; Fletcher19 and sh58 (who blogs here, sup!) which was really cool. We started out in Bankok for 4/5 nights then headed out to some of the islands. Koh phangan was the first island we went to and I spent my brithday tearing it up at the black moon party. Then we headed to Koh Samui for 2 nights and back to Bankok before heading home. I definitely want to go back to Thailand again.

A weeks rest then off the vegas! Our house (The legendary Gossy wind) had about 6 people in it with some coming and going. 3 guys I went to Thailand with were there; Fionnmac and 2 other poker players. 2 british poker players (born2dogbaby on stars and wtf5s) were also staying, tjbentham crashed on the couch for a couple of days too. And last but certainly not least, Big Raaaj (roger manefield on 2p2). he was the only guy who no-one really know anyone before the trip, but he turned out to be a legend. He wrote a tr of his and mine 1st night out together in Vegas http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/92...=#post11094118. Dal_kid was so funny that night. He plays 2/4 on ongame, so I told him my sn at the start of the night, he said he didn't recognize it. Many vodkas later... "I was lying before, I do recognize your name. You fold to 3bs far too much" *passes out*.

The leggo party was a good laugh and was great meeting everyone. Although I have to say to the guys that coughed up $600 to get the bar maid to get topless, what were you thinking??! I got a bunch of leggo gear which I wore round Drais (an after-hours club) later that night with pride, and convinced the taxi-driver on the way there to tell everyone who gets in her cab to sign up to leggo. She better keep her word on that!

I only played 3 tournies in the end, 2 $1500s and the ME. I was doing quite well in the 1st $1500. Got QQ in on a 952 board in a 3b pot. Guy flips 22, turn Q. Bink! Later on I get AQ aipf against a shorty's AK. Flop K33 at which point i declar that the runner-runner is definitely comming. Turn Q, river ....Q Bink!! Guess I'm just lucky with the ladies! The field was stupidly soft, but then eric liu was moved one spot to my left which I wasn't too happy about! I then got AK aipf against an internet kid's KK for about 70bbs. I probably could have gotten away from it, but idk. I raised ep (i had been active) folds to him in sb who flats, then a shortstack shoves. I flat then the kid thinks for a bit and 4b and i shove. Meh. Big Raaaaj and I arrived late for the 2nd $1500, an hour later we both saw eachother in the live-action room. Nuff said.

I managed to make it 38 minutes into day 2 of the main event, unfortunately I spent all of day one playing on a table of nits which was incredibly dull. Not too many exciting hands, I had to fold tptk at the end of day one though. Nitty tourney pro raises utg, old man flats next to him. I call AQ otb which I may even be able to fold, but it's AQ! Flop comes Q23r. Nit cbets 1/2 pot, old man calls, I call. Turn 4. Nit checks, old man bets out like 1/4 pot. I call (gut shot, one time!). River blanks, he shoves and I sigh and fold. This left me about 35-40bbs going into day 2 in which i proceed to lose like 4 pots in a row leaving me about 16-18bbs. A guy who's been raising q. a bit limps (I know this could be suspicious, but I really thought he was weak), 3 people limp behind. I shove A7o, 1st 3 fold. Then the last guy to limp announces that he wishes someone else would have called cuz he really doesn't want to. So I'm thinking I could be flipping here. Then he turns over AQ gg. Just as I was about to leave one of the guys who limped behind then folds goes to me "beware of the limpers son" .

Glad to be back in Manc, started playing some online poker again and I'm doing Ok, I was doing really well before dropping 20k this morning.. oops!

These were a couple of fun bluffs

$25/$50 No Limit Holdem
5 players
Converted at weaktight.com

UTG ($5097.00)
Hero (CO) ($5823.00)
BTN ($5050.00)
SB ($3475.00)
BB ($7621.00)

Pre-flop: ($75, 5 players) Hero is CO 6 5
1 fold, Hero raises to $150, BTN calls $150, 2 folds

Flop: K A K ($375, 2 players)
Hero bets $275, BTN calls $275

Turn: K ($925, 2 players)
Hero checks, BTN checks

River: 7 ($925, 2 players)
Hero checks, BTN bets $675, Hero goes all-in $5398 [all in], BTN folds

Final Pot: $2,275

Hero wins $2,275 ( lost -$3,548 )
BTN lost -$1,100

I immediately regretted doing this after I pulled the trigger since I should play every A this way, but he folded so it can't have been bad! Weeeee

$5/$10 No Limit Holdem
2 players
Converted at weaktight.com

Hero (BTN) ($5632.00)
BB ($2196.00)

Pre-flop: ($15, 2 players) Hero is BTN T 7
Hero raises to $30, BB calls $20

Flop: 8 K 3 ($65, 2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets $45, BB calls $45

Turn: Q ($155, 2 players)
BB checks, Hero bets $120, BB raises to $300, Hero raises to $665, BB calls $365

River: 8 ($1,605, 2 players)
BB checks, Hero goes all-in $4892 [all in], BB folds

Final Pot: $1,480

Hero wins $6,372 ( won +$740 )
BB lost -$740

I'm behind on my videos, gonna make some really soon. If you guys have any suggestions let me know. I may be up for doing a leak-finder for someone.

That's all for now, take care!
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we're there from 4th june til 9th July. There's a double room available, can have it yourself or could share (and obv would be cheaper) pm me if you're interested and we can have a chat!

haven't played a whole lot recently, but i played today and finally got my 1st Royal flush! It's only taken like 320k hands

$5/$10 No Limit Holdem
5 players
Converted at weaktight.com

UTG ($1415.00)
Hero (CO) ($1320.00)
BTN ($2268.00)
SB ($975.00)
BB ($1077.00)

Pre-flop: ($15, 5 players) Hero is CO A J
UTG bets $30, Hero calls $30, 3 folds

Flop: 9 J Q ($75, 2 players)
UTG bets $60, Hero calls $60

Turn: T ($195, 2 players)
UTG bets $150, Hero calls $150

River: K ($495, 2 players)
UTG bets $370, Hero bets $1,080, UTG calls $710

Final Pot: $2,655
UTG shows: A 6
Hero shows: A J

Hero wins $2,652 ( won +$1,332 )
UTG lost -$1,320
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I'll get round to writing a proper blog post soon, I know it's been a while! But I thought this was funny. All against the same reg in the space of about 30 minutes.

$10/$20 No Limit Holdem
5 players
Converted at weaktight.com

UTG ($1297.00)
CO ($2599.00)
BTN ($1911.00)
SB ($7099.00)
Hero (BB) ($2347.00)

Pre-flop: ($30, 5 players) Hero is BB 8 8
3 folds, SB bets $60, Hero calls $50

Flop: J 7 3 ($140, 2 players)
SB bets $90, Hero calls $90

Turn: T ($320, 2 players)
SB bets $240, Hero calls $240

River: 5 ($800, 2 players)
SB checks, Hero checks

Final Pot: $800
SB shows: K 9
Hero shows: 8 8

SB wins $797 ( won +$397 )
Hero lost -$400

$10/$20 No Limit Holdem
5 players
Converted at weaktight.com

UTG ($490.00)
CO ($345.50)
BTN ($1964.00)
SB ($2615.00)
Hero (BB) ($2020.00)

Pre-flop: ($30, 5 players) Hero is BB T K
3 folds, SB bets $60, Hero calls $50

Flop: T 7 9 ($140, 2 players)
SB bets $100, Hero calls $100

Turn: 5 ($340, 2 players)
SB bets $250, Hero calls $250

River: 6 ($840, 2 players)
SB checks, Hero checks

Final Pot: $840
SB shows: K 8
Hero shows: T K

SB wins $837 ( won +$417 )
Hero lost -$420

$10/$20 No Limit Holdem
4 players
Converted at weaktight.com

CO ($3249.50)
Hero (BTN) ($2687.50)
SB ($206.00)
BB ($852.00)

Pre-flop: ($30, 4 players) Hero is BTN A 8
CO bets $70, Hero calls $70, 2 folds

Flop: 8 Q 7 ($170, 2 players)
CO bets $110, Hero calls $110

Turn: J ($390, 2 players)
CO bets $290, Hero calls $290

River: K ($970, 2 players)
CO checks, Hero checks

Final Pot: $970
CO shows: 7 7
Hero shows: A 8

CO wins $968 ( won +$498 )
Hero lost -$470

Then he finally bets the river.. hmmm

$10/$20 No Limit Holdem
5 players
Converted at weaktight.com

UTG ($662.00)
CO ($2899.00)
Hero (BTN) ($2255.00)
SB ($710.00)
BB ($1759.00)

Pre-flop: ($30, 5 players) Hero is BTN J Q
1 fold, CO bets $70, Hero calls $70, 2 folds

Flop: J 5 6 ($170, 2 players)
CO bets $110, Hero calls $110

Turn: K ($390, 2 players)
CO bets $290, Hero calls $290

River: 8 ($970, 2 players)
CO bets $730, Hero calls $730

Final Pot: $2,430
CO shows: T Q
Hero shows: J Q

Hero wins $2,427 ( won +$1,227 )
CO lost -$1,200

Game are good!
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