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As a reader and follower of blogs on here I have decided that it might be a good idea for me to try this out as I am about to challenge myself to become a better poker player over the course of the next year.

The first thing I am about to change is the way I approach sessions. I usually just sit and play until I don't want to play anymore which can be a good thing and a bad thing I think, most recently being a pretty terrible thing as I have ran pretty poorly and probably played just as bad as the sessions get longer and longer. I have come up with a schedule that I am going to play four 1 1/2 hour sessions throughout the day with an optional two hour session at the end of the night. With this I am hoping to accomplish 1) having optimal focus throughout entire playing time and 2) limiting losses for one session.

The second thing I am going to be working on is aggression. I feel as though I have a pretty good understanding and base foundation of poker theorems and I want to start applying them as well as I can. I think I am probably too tight and enable myself to get run over by certain players from time to time. To work on this I am planning on watching as many videos as I can, reading through as many hands as possible and hopefully finding the leaks in my game that need to be filled.

Sorry for the length of this, but I will be posting daily results starting on Monday when I begin all of this and will be mainly playing 1/2 with some 2/4 if the games are good every now and then. Thanks for reading if you did and look forward to comments and help from future hands/results, etc.
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