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some awesomeness, check it out. Like, really, REALLY good.

Wire spoiler alert tho.

Will throw together a monthly recap this weekend.
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shoot me a PM if you're gonna be in and wanna meet up sometime this weekend. I'm at school at SC which is in the heart of LA.
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Had our weekender up at Stanford-

in relation to them rushing the field..

Their own paper shits on them for rushin the field.

USC blog to recap, which is well worth your time:

Bout to head out of class.

Bowls are fo salad.

PS i chopped off most of my hair kinda drunk the other week. Oops haha
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Purpose of the blog is just to recap what's going on recently, soooo...

Football/ Sports: GB crushed BUF last week for suicide pool, 9/12 left. Bears are 2-0, surprisingly. Even more surprising is USC starting off to 3-0, although they have been playing absolutely horrific. It blows my mind how the games that we've been huge 21+ favorites we've lost in the past and now this year we are somehow scrapping together wins despite being one of the most penalized teams in the nation. MSU ND was incredible. White Sox played well during the second half, but the twins played better. Oh well. Pretty stoked for the bulls/bears, but I could just be a hopeless fan.

Lifting: Current bodyweight: 177.2lb (typically taken around dinner time, +16.1lb since 9/20). 5 rep maxes at the moment: 175lb bench, 190lb squat, 185lb deadlift. Taking dead's slower since I have an awful back, but I've really just started doing squats/deads so not too worried they are in the same range as the bench. Military press is 115lb and one arm db rows 70lb. Plyometrics starting as soon as I can squat 225 (read 1.5x bw, then .85 of your max is my working weight, 1.5*177*.85=225) which should be in 2 weeks. Plyo program should take 12 weeks which should=dunking over winter break, which works out perfectly giving your legs a full rest. I think I've mentioned it before, but either going with vertical jump bible or jump manual. Both are miles ahead of the rest from what I've read, but I don't know anyone personally who has completed either.

Trading: I really hope someone from leggo signs up at bigwavetrading.com. There's a majillion scouts's of the investing world, so it's printing money obv. Long BIDU 9/20 at 90.00/share. Up 2.12% after today's close. I think I'll keep one stock updated throughout the blog, although this then becomes pretty all over the place.

School: 12 units, including piano pass/fail. Yet still I did homework for 6hrs last night and missed out on a pretty big party I guess the locks were changed on the door across the hall from me, so when one of the roomates went inside to make out, black out, put out, pass out, the other 3 decided using bb weights to try to smash off the handle. It was one's 22nd birthday and everyone was beyond schwasted, so there are chunks of the wooden door missing (obv like 3ft away from the handle even) and the handle is done.

If anyone is really interested, TKE is hosting fallfest this weekend, benefitting St. Jude's Childrens Hospital.

Right now I'd like to offer to review hhs for FREE, over skype. Don't wanna put a timeframe on how long it'll last, however message me at Matt.Plecki whenever I'm on skype now to go over hhs (I'm on quite a bit, and i'll eventually answer all hh Qs).
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This weekend consisted of lots of partying- we had our thursday night party, friday night was our semi formal, and saturday was the first home game for USC. I understand now why Sunday is a day of rest. I have a handful of stories that I've been meaning to post, so I'll prob just do some short tidbits here and there throughout the week.

Boring stuff-
-dropped that writing class that I had to do the resume for. Instead I'm doing intro to piano. Pass/Fail obv.
- TENN rocked OAK this week, so I advanced in the suicide pool. Obv some clown picked ATL >PIT, and then someone else had CHI, but somehow we pulled out that miracle call. It's really unfortunate to see the game to end that way. I mean the call was correct, by definition of the rule, however, the rule should I guess rule that it was a TD. I could rant on and on about da bears, but whatever. It's also a pain in the ass to find the game online since we don't have sunday ticket. I didn't even know the game ended the way it did until I saw some highlights.
-rush plo is the nizzles, but very little volume.
-trading has been going super well. Again the CR/leggo of trading is bigwavetrading.com imo, if you are interested.

Other stuff
-new google freaks me out, how it insta searches as you type.
-lifting is gooood (skeety, Ill post some pics in the future for you)
-shout out to LP's dougiedan who has been CRUSHING after only 2 hrs of coaching obv pm for how to rape everyone.
-Buy Reid/Shootaas book. No questions there.

Preview of stories from this weekend:

Friday kicks off with me giving the bounce my super shitty fake I found recently
<-----------doesn't look anything like that beautiful face on your left
He says to me "this isn't your picture"
and I respond, "Yea, I know" and take the 21+ wristband. Start to a good night.

I came back with my date around 1am to find my roommate (Rutter) passed out face down in the middle of our room. He was with this not so hot chick that wasn't his date, who literally looked me square in the eye and told me "it's your turn" and left. So Rutter is basically unresponsive, giving a few grunts here and there, mainly sticking to the thumbs up/thumbs down sign language. Also, he's stubborn as fuck ( obv thru an AMF (adios motha fucka) drink in a bouncer's face, said adios motha fucka to him and tried to book it. Bouncer tackled him to the ground and knocked out a tooth), so it took forever to get him into the bathroom and into his loft. The next morning he's bitching "Plecki Plecki come do shots with me it's gameday" Obv fuck off, it's like 10am and the game is at 7pm shit head. But he may or may not still be drunk, and decides to skype a friend from home. Obv he gets our mutual friend from home to start bitching at me over skype and cranks the volume up on his like professional dj speakers (at the point my date was like seriously, is this a joke?) but I refuse. Anyways, they do a shot over skype, and then it's finally quiet for like 2 minutes. The silence is then broken with the sound of someone puking, and it was obv Rutter who literally was sitting in his computer chair covered in the puke from the shot he just threw back. I laughed, and he shut up. The End.
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Starting up the pool with a dozen or so house in the house. Haven't really thought too much about the games yet, but I think for week 1 I'm going with da bears (vs. Lions), giants (v Carolina), or titans (v oak). I really have no clue how the hell to strategically plan this shit, but it's like a whole 10$ buyin so whatevaa.

Any suggestions as to who to pick or how to play, comment por favor
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Been back at school for about 3 weeks now. Taking the minimum units for this year was definitely the way to go- it's really a significant difference and I expect my grades to be much better than the semesters I took the max units. I definitely have been more motivated to do school work this year, as well as make it to every class (earliest one is 10am, so meh) and overall I've had a mindset to just be productive in my downtime (aka really cut back on the drinking/partying). Very weird and almost emo. I don't want to be maturing; college is all about boning dumb freshmen sorority chicks, right? Well I guess that has to be put on pause, at least until the weekend.

Although I feel like I am not a real 'pro' poker player since I am in school, I do feel like I can relate to the mentality of a lot of pros in a similar age group when it comes to staying in shape. In fact, I just imagine everyone as very white/pale skinny dudes that click buttons and grind starcraft, and very rarely come across someone who is so called "fit." Definitely could be just a sample size thing, but I never see anyone ever discussing fitness, sooo I figured I'd test blog this idea for a bit. I have no clue how it'll work out, but hopefully it'll motivate someone to get back into the gym or start eating healthier again.

So quick background: I came into school at 6'1'' and 161lbs, and have been lifting since (aug 22). I've played sports my whole life up until college, and haven't really done much in the past two years. Even in high school, I didn't lift weights seriously and have only had a 1 month stint in the gym 2 years ago (but got sick, and excuses piled up). It's 2am and I don't care to find a good picture, so here's the most recent one from fb: so you kinda have an idea for my scrawny ass. No bromo. Rather than keep some workout journal, I figure I'd just add in monthly updates here (the shitheads over on bodybuilding.com are even dumber than 2p2ers, so trying to avoid that) and hopefully it'll help me stay on track with my goals.

First things first, what are my goals?
Well, in a broad sense, it's to get bigger. To gain muscle, it's a hell of a lot easier if you put on general mass. So how do you get bigger? It starts with my diet.

I'm definitely bulking now, supplementing workouts with whey protein and creatine. The creatine was free and could have definitely been held off on since I'm just beginning working out (gains are super easy to achieve, some rec creatine until you plateau). Whey is a no brainer for post workout. Aside from the supplements, I'm plowing through at least 3000cals/day, and really trying to just eat as much as I possibly can. It's really hard for me to woof down food- I fill up super quick. I also don't really get too excited about food. Since I'm bulking and have a specific body type and pretty fast metabolism, I'm just eating whatever I want. Chipotle burritos are the nizzles at 1630+ cals/burrito as well as stacking 3 double cheese burgers from mcdonalds together. Right now, I'm prob sucking down 1/4-1/2 gallon of milk a day as well, however I HATE vegetables (cept potatoes) so I'm missing out there. I'm not recording my diet to the t daily; I am just mentally noting how much I am eating per meal, and am trying to get close to 4k cals/day.

This combined with a pretty random workout routine has allowed me to bulk up to 172.5lbs, and add 25lbs to my bench (135->160 at 3x5s). Past 3 weeks have been me just scrapping together some lifts in the gym without any method to it. Would be something along the lines of bench, shoulder press, squat (all barbell of course), db flyes, db rows, and some periodic tris/bis work. As a newbtard in the gym, you can have hte most whack routine, and you are still going to make gains easily as long as you are doing the lift correctly. Tomorrow, I'm getting back on the "Starting Strength" routine, which I would recommend to ANYONE that is looking to bulk up (if you are fat and wanna cut, then prob don't do this, although I would argue you are probably a fat pos and could use some heavy lifting). The 2p2 of lifting is bodybuilding.com and a quick search of starting strength will give ya a handful of threads. You can pick up the starting strength book by mark rippetoe on amazon for a few bucks (or torrent it, whatever floats your boat). There are a handful of journals too on bb that usually have pics of the lifter's progression. So yes, I have been admiring half naked jacked dudes on the interwebz the past few days. The linked thread is someone who put on 40lbs in just 4 months. Hopefully I can do something similar.

As for my other goals, I haven't really thought of super specific ones yet, besides being able to dunk (squats ftw). Unlike poker ($/month), I'd imagine it is best to set specific # goals for each lift over a certain time. I guess it's a goal to come up with goals for the next blog. Anyways,SS is based off of doing 5-6 main lifts-

Workout A
3x5 squat
3x5 bench
1x5 deadlift

3x5 squat
3x5 military press
3x5 power cleans or 3x5 pendley rows

training on 3 non consecutive days (Week1: M-A, W-B, F-A; Week 2: M-B, W-A, F-B)

and eating just a shit load of food, getting a good 8-9hrs of sleep, and easing up a ton on the alcohol.
That's all there really is to it.

If anyone is struggling with motivation to get into the gym, maybe we can turn this into a friendly prop bet, or something similar to a hands/month poker bet (hit the gym 3-4x/wk or w/e your routine is). Hopefully someone reads thru all of this and reallizes p90x is not the way to get their swole on and starts lifting heavy.

More shirtless pics to come obv,
Coach bro bro
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I'm taking 4 classes at school now, 3 chem/nano classes, and then my last writing class (mandatory for all students). The writing class is "to improve your communication skills, both written and oral, so that you can better utilize your intelligence and excel in your professions," aka kinda getting you ready for the real world. So anyways, next class the prof asked us to bring in our laptops with a copy of our latest resume. Too bad I've never worked or done any "real" work, as poker has been the hands down easiest way for me to make a living. So aside from coaching, grinding out the hours at the tables literally is all I've ever done for money. That means if you were to open up a new doc in Microsoft Word right now, you'd have a strikingly similar copy of my resume.

Any who, it's probably not best to bring up the fact I play poker in class, ya'll think a simple email to the professor (maybe like mid 30yr old chick, seems logical/engineery type) explaining my situation and requesting not to be used as an example in class ( maybe 15-20kids in class) is the best way to go? Help a brother outtttt.

Also, some epic video footage to be posted soon.
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I just wanted to get a life update out, as it's always good to evaluate your goals (however boring leggoland might think they are).

Finally, I have almost everything situated in TKE. Room's looking pretty sick and I'll upload some pics later in the week. Played a lot of poker to finish up the summer and ran decent at 15/30 the other night to get roughly 1/3 of my summer's $ goal accomplished. To recap on goals:
-didn't get into the gym at all this summer, however I was very active so I wasn't super crushed. Being back at school is allowing me to get into a routine again- not a total fail.
-read thru 1/3-1/2 of the investing books I ordered off of amazon, and actually started reading Atlas Shrugged again. I also upped my sub at bigwavetrading.com to a year and have been doing my best to be active on that site.
-Gained 5lbs of weight, so meh. It was definitely good weight, but wish I woulda gymmed it more.
-no gym, no dunking, however I did pick up the vertical jump bible and will look to incorporate it into my workout. When I go to the gym, I don't really like to dick around and talk to everybody there. Idk why a lot of my friends do that. Just in and out, 45m-1hr lift and get on with the day. I squat every other day, so I'm sure that'll help with the vert.
-golf game improved drastically. I ended up putting up a 79 the day before I left for SC. It was with my dad, my brother, and my best friend, which felt amazing. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I had 3 3putts, and topped a drive like 30yrds. Very annoying knowing I very well could have shot ~75, but I'll take a 41-38. When I came back to school, I realized about 6 of my buddies all brought their clubs; hopefully we can get out a few times. In the meantime, I've been reading David's Pelz Short Game bible and will likely order the Putting Bible on amazon soon. Sadly, I haven't ordered ANY of my textbooks for school yet.

I'll have to jot down some goals for the rest of this year.

next blog will be entertaining more than likely- rush starts next week.

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I forgot how I came across this page, but I thought it was an excellent analysis of Inception.

-as for poker, I feel like everyone is running like aids in august. Oh well. I've actually been playing some HU again ( I didn't even bother trying to get action this year whatsoever). I've also learned that playing MTTs is not the way to help me get out of a poker slump. Why anyone plays MTTs is baffling.

-heading back to california in a week and school starts the 21st. I'll prob snag a 30in monitor. Does anyone know if getting one off craigslist is the best way to go about it?

-jailbroke my iphone. If you haven't done that, do it. Super sick. I'm pretty sure there's a 2p2 thread that shows you how you can play ftp/stars with tableninja on your phone even over 3G network, using LogMeIn.

-been grinding some maths on 5b bluffing. Some good stuff, I would definitely encourage everyone to play around with stove. You'll see how shoving hands like KQo/ AJo over a percieved value range of TT+ AQ+ are the worst hands you could actually pick to do so with.

-finished up all the micro guys vids and have sent the notes back. Tmrw, Aug 5 is the last day to pm me your video. Get on it! A few of you have asked how much for coaching, so I'm trying to work something out so it's affordable. It''s likely going to be group coaching of some sort. If you have other suggestions, lemme kno.
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