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Hi Guys,

I made it to Vancouver! I've moved into an apartment and opened bank accounts and have MB up and running, although not verified yet as that takes a few days and I just opened MB yesterday. But hopefully by the end of the week my limits will actually be halfway decent and I can get onto some sites. Im hoping by the end of the month I can have stars unlocked and get MB VIP.

I am pretty happy with my apartment. Its a little pricy but its worth it to be comfortable when you work from home. Heres a pic from my balcony overlooking downtown/yaletown

So right now I really dont have much to do. Just an odd errand here or there to help things move along with banking/pokersites. Other than that I've just been coaching, working on my game away from the tables, and reading Game of Thrones. Ive made it through the first book and a little ways into the second. The first book got a little bit boring for me in the middle, because I knew what was going to happen from watching the TV series, so the lead up just became a bit of a snooze. But the second book has been really entertaining so far.

On that note, since I have very little to do, I have a lot of extra time for coaching, so I am opening it back up a bit earlier than I had anticipated. Heres a link to my coaching page with info on my approach to poker and coaching as well as pricing and reviews

I think I am only going to try to stay in Vancouver for a couple months till Xmas/New years and then travel somewhere warmer. Vancouver is an amazing city but I figure I might as well come back when its less cold. I guess the main warm spots would be Asia/Thailand/Australia area or maybe south America, although I dont know much about either climate yet. Poker has turned out to be much more of a life adventure than I anticipated when I decided I wanted to pursue it rather than a normal job. Even though the circumstances surrounding it suck, I'm actually enjoying this aspect of it quite a bit.

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Sc000t is offline Sc000t
Nice...glad you got it all set up up there.
JamesMa is offline JamesMa
JamesMa's Avatar
welcome to the city. hope u enjoy it despite coming at the time when it will be freezing but still less cold than other parts of canada
d2themfi is offline d2themfi
yea im enjoying it a lot so far, great city. Colds not a big deal either, but I figure if I only have a max of 6mos/year to spend here might as well spend it during the warmer months. But I did need to come up here now to set things up.
Probability is offline Probability
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book 3 is the goat
robbyd86 is offline robbyd86
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nice view
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