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Getting beat down
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I came home last night from the gym feeling great and decided to put in a session, ended up being a bad idea. I 8 tabled hu against DerekJC and Number1mom, both very good players and ended up losing 10 buyins, so 20K. Bad game selection? Maybe but I know Derek's game very well and think I have an edge when playing well although last night I did not play very well. DerekJC is maybe the toughest 10/20 reg online, maybe not the best from a winrate standpoint but he is nasty to play against at times. I quit after an hour, had a couple stiff drinks and watched 3 episodes of Mad Men. Sounds like degenerate behaviour and I guess it is somewhat. lol. Anyways, I needed to get beat down last night. Why? Things had been going a little too well for me poker-wise in the last 6 weeks and sometimes it takes a bad session to get my head back on track, refocus etc. It's funny, and I've heard this from other poker players, but I will go out today and buy some stuff, maybe a stupid expensive bottle of scotch or some clothes to ease the pain of the loss. I get over losses very quickly but it's more so just having been outplayed badly. But you would think that I would feel like spending money after a big win, never actually. Only after big losses. My losses are never too big but 20k is big enough. Anyways, somewhat of a ramble but necessary. lol.

I went out last week for dinner with ADZ and Thaaj, two high stakes players from Toronto. Both good guys. ADZ is pretty well known and may take a big of negative heat but he is a good guy and a lot of fun to hang around with. The kid is a flat out balla though and I don't think he tries to be, that's just his nature. For anyone around Toronto, the restaurant we went to is called Jacob's steakhouse and it is amazing. Better than anywhere I've been in Vegas, and I've been almost everywhere. I've been there a couple times in the past few weeks and the food is unbelievable.

Christmas party tonight which should be good. My plan is to play a bunch more on Stars for the next week until I clear my 600K milestone bonus and then call it a year, relax, hang out with friends/family and probably party a bunch. It's been a weird year poker wise, not as good as I expected but no compaints I guess. 2010 could be a lot different poker wise for me I think, might cut down my playing time on Stars, play a lot more PLO, not sure though.

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damn, you play a lot.
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It's hardly degenerate to drink after you've played poker ;-). Fwiw I think your table selection is fine if you feel comfortable playing those guys, I'm just not a fan of 8 tabling two different opponents. That's like playing with a handicap unless both players are doing the same.
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