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2011, fried chicken story
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I've decided that my main poker goal for 2011 is to put in a ton of hours playing 5/10 and 3/6 focusing on playing 9 tables or less, review my play regularly and continue to crush and improve.

Fried chicken story:

I mentioned this in the first version of my 5/10 video, but it didn't make it into the current version due to some technical problems.

About a month ago I was out in the afternoon running some errands and decided to stop in and get some friend chicken and biscuits from Popeyes, which I hadn't had in well over a year. For all you Euros, Popeyes is a big American fried chicken chain that makes some tasty spicy fried chicken. I get a big box of chicken and sides and take it home and eat it.

3 hours later a couple friends of mine come over to watch Monday Night Football. They have never wanted to order Popeyes, but for some reason they are really excited to order some and even have coupons and flyers with them. So we order some and the delivery man knocks at my door and I go to pay him.

I open the door and he kind of looks at me funny.

"Do I know you...? Wait...were you JUST in the store this afternoon?!?!"

I tried to explain myself by saying it was for my friends, but I think he thought I was some sort of fried chicken degenerate. Who else orders a box of fried chicken for take out and then can only go 3 hours before ordering an even bigger box of fried chicken for delivery??

It was good chicken, though.

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ImThaGrandMaster is offline ImThaGrandMaster
ImThaGrandMaster's Avatar
lol popeyes, I thought u are from Canada not inner city Detroit. In before racist ban
harangutang is offline harangutang
Probability is offline Probability
Probability's Avatar
my girl says the biscuits from popeyes are the nuts, i have never been to one though.
IcarusJam is offline IcarusJam
+1 for never been to popeyes
Malefiicus is offline Malefiicus
You guys are missing out, popeyes is the shit. Personally, if that happened to me I wouldn't try to back my way out of the whole ordering chicken 3 hours after eating chicken thing, I would take pride in it "Yeah, that was me, I just can't get enough of this damn bird. And the biscuits, shit man, that shits great"
harangutang is offline harangutang
haha yea popeyes is pretty delicious. We were both started laughing quite a bit once I confirmed it was me again
JamesMa is offline JamesMa
JamesMa's Avatar
I wouldve asked for a discount for being such an awesome customer
coachgp is offline coachgp
meh chick-fil-a fan...
thac is offline thac
thac's Avatar
Your popeyes delivers? What the fuckkkkkk
The_End is offline The_End
Awesome story... Reminds me of the good times I had with Buffalo Wild Wings... that place stole my heart
cdcmo_money is offline cdcmo_money
cdcmo_money's Avatar
Popeyes is so much better than KFC, biscuits 1000xs better and their mashed potatoes with cajun gravy is the tits
ssells73 is offline ssells73
How does popeyes deliver??

The mashed potatoes at popeyes are sooo good