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Back from Vegas, which was a good time, despite busting the Main Event on day 1A.

I am really excited to be making videos and coaching for Leggo and am going to use this entry to outline my coaching approach, since it is something I have been getting some PM's about. That said, if any Leggo members reading this have questions about anything relating to my coaching approach/poker results/experiece I would definitely welcome PM's and I'd be happy to answer any questions via PM or Skype.

I've both coached and been coached (Ansky, Ahnuld), which I think helps give a good sense of what works on both sides of the coaching relationship.

I prefer to start with a review of hand histories that the student has saved and had trouble with, combined with answering questions about poker theory and any other questions about online poker in general the student might have. After the first session I like to have the student record a 4-tabling video of them playing their normal stakes. The second session is then focused on discussing the student's play in the video, discussing key hands in significant detail.

Future sessions are then a combination of hand history reviews, theory discussions, and video reviews. I can also do live sweats, although I find them less useful from experience, since it can be tough to learn new concepts when you have to focus on playing at the same time.

I feel like my strengths are that I really make an effort to figure out what areas the student could use guidance in, and combine that with a very strong practical and theoretical knowledge of the current games. I very much am not a fan of poker coaching that is focused on the coach saying stuff like "fold here, now raise here". I often ask questions about why a student takes a certain line or what he would do if X happened, which I find often leads to interesting discussion.

In my own experiences with getting coached, I think 2-5, one hour long sessions is the sweet spot for getting the most value out of a particular coach, although I am fine doing more or less sessions.

At this time I am not offering any package discounts for pre-paying for multiple sessions, although that might change in the future. I really want my students to get more than the cost of the coaching out of every session, so prefer to do one session at a time and then see how the student is progressing and benefiting from the coaching. I am also not doing any sort of group coaching at this time.

My availability for coaching right now is very good and my schedule is very flexible.


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i enjoyed your videos quite a bit, great addition to leggo!