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Recently spent 6 nights in Iceland with my girlfriend. Here are some pictures with some info about what's happening in the photo. I'm going to be doing a poker update soon, so there won't be any poker content in this post.

The trip was broken down into roughly 3 parts: Rejkavik, Snafellesnes region and the blue lagoon.


Famous Rejkavik hotdog stand. I got it with everything on it, but I could only identify 1 of the toppings. Not bad, but the brown sauce was too sweet.

Coffee was really good in Iceland


Went snorkeling in 4 degree celsius water with dry suits on. Got to wear this big snowsuit like lining underneath the suit. My neck got a bit of water in the seam so it was cold, but it did an impressive job keeping me warm. Water was super clear and really blue. Really fun and definitely a highlight.

Snafellesnes region

We rented a car and drove here from Rejkavik. Really recommend the drive. Scenery is beautiful and the trip includes a super long tunnel through a mountain (~10km!) We stayed at the hotel Budir, which was an amazing hotel built in the middle of nowhere, on a protected nature reserve. The food at the hotel was really well reviewed and was good, but could use more variety for the price.

Amazing view from our private hotel balcony

Sheep wandering around outside the hotel. Iceland has sheep everywhere.

View of Hotel Budir and a church from the road

Hiking in Snafellsnes

Bottomless pit

Blue Lagoon

The blue lagoon is a natural geothermal hot spring and a popular tourist attraction. The water is nice and hot and looks really white because it contains a lot of silica mud. Stayed overnight at the blue lagoon clinic, which had a cool walk-out patio area and a private mini-lagoon. Downside to all of it is that there is a strong sulphur smell everywhere.

Got massages in the waters (no pics of the actual hotspring) which was nice.

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Posted in Travel
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Jackson Kings is offline Jackson Kings
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Thanks for stimulating Iceland's economy, some people all over Europe might see some more of their money back .
Seems like you had good fun, and Iceland is a cool country to visit maybe someday
BobboFitos is offline BobboFitos
Cool pics
Hatya is offline Hatya
Hatya's Avatar
Looks like an awesome trip.
Probability is offline Probability
Probability's Avatar
ya, looks sweet.
Robin_Ripper is offline Robin_Ripper
looks good, I remember that sulfer smell from a mountaintown where we stayed in Japan and yeah you could definately do without it
iplaypokeher is offline iplaypokeher
really cool pictures, looks awesome.
robbyd86 is offline robbyd86
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sick place
cntgetmedown is offline cntgetmedown
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I agree on the well taken pictures. Good stuff. Solid picture trip report.
desire is offline desire
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nice pictures and glad you enjoyed the trip, i went there a few years ago and visited basically all the same places as you. iceland is extremely coo and id recommend it to anyone even slightly adventurous