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The joys of not playing live poker for a living
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Played a hand online the other day where I jam allin over some fish's bet for like 40bbs effective with a 15 out draw. Flop was A98cc.

*fish tanks*
fish: wtf
fish: flush draw???
fish: hmmmm
fish: can you beat AT?
*tanks more*
*calls with top set*

Reminded me that playing live poker for a living would be a horrible, horrible experience

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JamesMa is offline JamesMa
JamesMa's Avatar
lol <3 unwarranted slowrolls
amurophil is offline amurophil
Things I don't like about live: 20 hands/hour, have to play bigger stakes/have bigger swongs to come near your online hourly, travel time, 20 hands/hour, have to know people/bribe floors to get into good games. I actually got slowrolled in a decent sized pot a few months ago and it wasn't as bad as most of these other things
IcarusJam is offline IcarusJam
But did you get there?
harangutang is offline harangutang
@Icarus - he obv held and snap quit the table
JamesMa is offline JamesMa
JamesMa's Avatar
its actually funny cuz the unwarranted slowroll against me was also when I had 15 outs and then the guy was like I was trying to slowroll you but didnt think u had that much equity. He also held.
Mr Papagiorgio is offline Mr Papagiorgio
Mr Papagiorgio's Avatar
LOL. Props to the latest fad: The Slow Call.