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More sound business decisions from Party
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Party made plans to raise the rake at 3/6 and 5/10 by 50%. With no notice. Have played 100's of thousands of hands at those stakes and didn't even get an e-mail. The people running Party are oftentimes pretty clueless. In response to player "feedback" they cancelled the proposed rake increase, although they will be making slightly more from the new contributed ******** calculation method.

Summary article here with input from myself:


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Robin_Ripper is offline Robin_Ripper
Party can be so absolutely terrible :x
heAdstroMan is offline heAdstroMan
heAdstroMan's Avatar
top dog!
JamesMa is offline JamesMa
JamesMa's Avatar
Seems like basic business sense to inform consumers
Robin_Ripper is offline Robin_Ripper
goddamn, just got an email saying I didn't log in for 6 months so that they will deduct money :/

(I did login last month and even answered a questionaire when I got called by them last week (where they didn't mention this) but didn't rake a hand so now they can take money from my account.)

I hate fucking party
Gerv is offline Gerv
Gerv's Avatar

It's better than 888 where they were taking 10% of your bankroll if you were inactive. And they didn't even gave a notice about this inactivity 10% fee. Imagine having 3k floating around or even 5+digits

Party pulls the trick ''improvement in rake while it is actually an improvement for them'' :/
apostadorfurtivo is offline apostadorfurtivo
You did a great job helping to organize the strike, thank you! Its important that players keep together and with open eyes to this kind of stuff.
GL at the tables!
Robin_Ripper is offline Robin_Ripper
That is absolutely insane...
cntgetmedown is offline cntgetmedown
Updated 09-02-2011 at 08:09 PM by cntgetmedown
cntgetmedown's Avatar
I'm shocked Party would try and pull a stunt like that. What, they're not making enough money as is? This is just terrible in terms of consumer confidence. It also makes me a bit anxious as to what poker business decisions might occur on Ongame, considering that Bwin has merged with Party Poker.

edit: They have a joint venture operation named bwin.party.
LT22 is offline LT22
LT22's Avatar
AFAIK, bwin is trying to sell Ongame b/c they don't give a shit about Ongame any more
Robin_Ripper is offline Robin_Ripper
bwin.party is trying to break into the US market (can't find source atm but read that somewhere yesterday)
cntgetmedown is offline cntgetmedown
cntgetmedown's Avatar
Yea, I can confirm this. Basically they are trying to get ready for when poker get's regulated in the US. They've also confirmed they do not want to buy FTP, because they would be an obvious investor that could.
Probability is offline Probability
Probability's Avatar
it would make no sense for party or stars to buy ftp since they already have what a company would hope to gain by purchasing ftp.

it's nice to see people actually do something. it's not often the players get a victory over poker rooms.