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Send me your hand histories!
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I'm going to be making a video where I review hands submitted by leggo members. Doesn't matter what stakes you play, just send me hands that troubled you, along with any relevant reads or stats. I'm going to start making that video as soon as I get enough hands.

I also just finished making the second part of my 2 part series at 5/10 on Party. I'm really happy with the results and I think you guys will find it very interesting and very clear.

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What format/how should we send the hh? Pokerhand.org ok?
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Baba - any format is fine. Pokehand or just pm me the hand converted or whatever
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My image is of a 25/21ish reg solid but not afraid to pull some big bluffs/make moves.

In this hand http://www.pokerhand.org/?5912352 villian is a standard taggy 22/19/4 reg. The solid but dull sort. When he donk leads the turn my 1st thought was wtf he reps nothing his line is awful. I.e Why would he c/c a set then led the turn - it makes no sense etc. His most likely hand imo is something like JTs/KJs maybe a float oop. If I call his turn bet I can never have air, therefore I raise small to keep some air in my range with the intention of snapping a shove. Would like your thoughts on this.
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One more http://www.pokerhand.org/?5909350 villian is decent aggro reg 25/21/3. no relevent reads or history for this spot.

Hope these are useful, I would certainly like to hear you thoughts on them.
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