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Hemorrhaging Dollars but Motivated
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Whattup all? In carrying on tradition of some of the great blogs on here (I'm not going to pretend that mine is one of them), I have selected a song for the good folks to listen to while reading. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGGez0CObXs.

Came across this song listening to Pandora. Pandora is pretty much the nuts as most of you know. It's sort of taken a while for them to create a station that really incorporates all of my musical tastes. The key is you have to thumbs up the songs u like. After doing this for a while, I finally feel like Pandora is starting to get me. As for the selected song, it is obviously very chill but Lauryn Hill's egregious grammatical error in the main chorus is kind of annoying.

So first off, update on the legal situation. I basically had three options proceeding forward. 1) I could have shown up in court without an attorney basically hoping that the judge went easy on me. This option didn't appeal to me, as uncertainty is something I really detest. How does that old adage go? The lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. Not an option imo. 2) I could have paid $500 to hire a lawyer to negotiate the terms of a diversion program. Essentially, I would be doing community service and some various classes. The negatives to this option would have been probation until I was finished with the diversion program. Probation means no traveling outside the country which is something I still want to do in early 2011 (more on that later). Another downfall to this option is that I would have to wait potentially up to 6 months to get the charge expunged from my record. 3) I could pay out the ass ($2500) to hire an attorney (extortionist) in hopes that I win the case. Most likely outcome if I don't win the case is the diversion program. After all was said and done, I selected option 3. $2500 is significant money to me, so this was a pretty big decision. Flame away.

Poker, poker, poker. Gay, gay, gay. Seriously, I'm going to give some advice that all of you should follow. Don't play when you have problems going on irl. I'm great at giving advice, but horrible at following it, so obviously I lost 3k to a massive donk at 2/4 a few days after my arrest. It really pained me to quit as I watched in horror as Pugilist took my seat and complimented the donk on taking my money but looking back, I am happy with my decision. I had a lot on my mind and really shouldn't have been playing at all. I am pretty low on online funds right now and was scared to bust my roll so I decided to quit after losing the 8 buyins. Overall, I don't think I played too terribly during the session. There were maybe 2 or so big hands that weren't great but most everything else was pretty standard. I won't bore you with hand histories, just the story.

So after the death-mode session, I took a day off and decided to drop down and grind 50-200nl. Within two days, I made back almost all that I had lost. I haven't felt good about poker in a while but I was generally happy with myself after the comeback. I cant remember the last time I felt euphoric about poker so this was actually really cool.

Next topic I want to discuss is my FTOPS schedule. I don't really play tournaments. I've maybe played 50 lifetime and never any big scores. So I am obviously due. I am saving my one time for right now. I will be playing events 30, 33, 26, 24, 18, 32, 22, 16, 29, and the Main Event. If I ever needed to bink, now would be the time.

Going to close off my blog by giving a summation of my life/travel plans for the future. I plan on leaving Florida after my court date on the 5th. I am looking to go some place warm, doesn't necessarily have to be in the US, but it has to be warm. I would prefer the option of live poker and desire an inexpensive cost of living. Feel free to give me some options that meet these requirements in the comments section.

That's all for now. Be good

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Costa Rica
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"as uncertainty is something I really detest"

LOL maybe a 9-5 job would be better for you then?

also way to put all those events in some sort of numerical order. Its as if you just randomly picked 12 numbers

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I put them in the order in which I registered fag
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please don't ever let those idiots on the waitlist get a donkey with a big stack...make all effort to have the donkey leave. It's -EV for you to let a reg sit with a donkey that has 8+ buyins
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thailand is pretty warm, ill say that much, the highs are 85-90 right now. GL dealing w/ your situation...

"fuck the police no justice no peace" - NWA


"smoke weed everyday" - Nate Dogg

2 of my favorite songs had to be quoted here.
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thailand, easy decision.
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i may know where....
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great song choice. I'm sure they left the grammatical error on purpose for musicality reasons.

I see some sun and clubbing in our near futures
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