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Cross posted from my other site...

So lately I have taken on a heavy interest in personal development. It is a slow process trying to make myself a more productive, healthy and intelligent person but I think as the days, months and years roll by the results will come. There are a few topics relating to this that I spend a lot of time watching lectures about and trying to figure out ways to slowly implement them into my day to day life.

The topic I want to talk about today is habits; What are they, how do they affect you, and of course, the formation of new ones.

I will be honest, for the longest time I have just let my environment control me and my day to day actions. What I mean by this is just allowing my first bullshit emotions bully my body into doing the least possible at all points. For instance, I would wake up in Las Vegas knowing that I should eat a decent breakfast, go to the gym, shower up, put in a session, go socialize with some friends, go over some hands on the stackem forums and then relax in the hot tub to finish off the night. Now what I would actually do... Wake up, not eat anything, not go to the gym, sit around on youtube for an hour or two before I somehow found my way to the tables. Play a session, grab a very unhealthy meal with a friend, find my way back to youtube, then sleeping for another 12 hours. Not ideal living habits for any live poker pro.

Wow, after reading that it seems so unhealthy of a lifestyle, but to be honest, that's just how a lot of us lived in Vegas. Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form. That's because the behavioral patterns we repeat most often are literally etched in our neural pathways. The good news is that through repitition, it's possible to form new habits. It takes around 21 days of doing the same activity to form a long lasting habit. This is why you may hear of people who spend more than a couple months in the gym saying they need to go everyday or they feel like something is wrong or they are cheating themselves. The body now wants to go the gym, it has been programmed to do so.

A few friends of mine have really inspired me to start making changes, to start forming new habits. Shout out to Kyle, Matt and Reef for this... and so far so good. My day to day routine is now as follows: Wake up to a nice breakfast, followed by the gym (getting these two things done and out of the way is quite possibly the best feeling to start a day), and laying out at the pool at our complex. Then it's time to work. I play 2-3k hands online then break for errands/dinner/socializing or what not then it's back to the tables for another session for roughly the same amount of time. By this time the day is almost over and I have a bit of time to catch up on some news, just chill with the roommates or do whatever before bed. One key to this routine has been not sleeping more than 8-9 hours.

My overall results have been astonishing. Being on this routine for about a month and a half now have really made an impact. Not only do I feel like I accomplish something everyday, but I am healthier, more active, not as sleepy and just happier in general. It doesn't hurt living in SoCal where's it's goergeous every single day. This has helped in poker so much. My sessions are played when I am fully awake and alert and I find myself not caring about results as much just because when playing so much and so often you can really start to visualize everything as one lifetime session.

What is the point of all of this? Well I am challenging you to form a new habit. Find a life leak and plug it in the next 21 days. Whether it's not going to play that session you should have, going to the gym a few times a week, or even just drinking more water. Post a few hands in the forums, meet new people to expand your personal social network... you get the point. I am telling you, your mind is a funny thing but you easily have the power to control it. Do it, make a change and you will be much better for it. Comment below the blog and let me know what you plan on changing and I will chat with you along the way so we can all start crushing life... or live poker.

**Simple tips for forming a new habit:
- Write down the one thing (or more) that you want to change, but write it in a fashion that shows you having accomplished that goal. For example, my friend Kyle writes: "I am fit, healthy and looking good because I have gone to the gym and eaten better foods and more often for the past month" This is called an Affirmation. Repeatedly writing this affirmation down slowly AND visualizing that you have already accomplished your goal will really help you develop your habit and feel that you have already won the race.

- Make your change happen EVERYDAY FOR 21 DAYS. This I cannot stress enough. Do not take even one day off because that 1 day becomes 2 and so on. It is a challenge but you honestly can do it. Any time you hear yourself make that first little excuse, just SHUT THE FUCK UP and do it. SHUT. THE FUCK UP. AND DO IT. Excuse my french.

- Create a small, effective daily routine for yourself. Even this minute amount of structure will do wonders and provide a way to be accountable for wasted time. Ask yourself at the end of the day if you were able to stay on track... it feels good when you do. Then wake up the next day, and do that shit again!

I know that once I start cursing in my blog it's about time to wrap it up. I hope you all start forming good, solid, meaningful habits that most people don't bother doing. If you want to excel, this is a must. Be more than you are right now. Good luck guys.
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Okay guys, it's official, back in America! Mexico was the right decision for me, getting me back in the clear bankroll wise to where I am not too stressed out. I am from NY, have lived in Vegas for two years and now find myself settling down in sunny San Diego, California for the next year.

It's funny because I always joked about moving to Cali for a bit but never really pulled the trigger. Then a couple of my poker buddies who are good friends of mine realized that all of our previous leases were ending around the same time and we were all looking for something new and exciting. Well, here we are, in the heart of the downtown's Little Italy district a bit hungover from the first night of activities. This area is so nice, friendly and the vibe is just right so I am really pumped to be here for awhile.

Here is a video tour of our new place, just across the street from the bay and a 10 minute walk from from the ever popular gaslamp district:

So I have been back on a heavy online grind. Getting back into a really nice groove and building my bankroll to a comfortable level to move back in to the midstakes at some point.

I am excited to start this new chapter and ready to develop a great network out here. If anyone is in the area feel free to hit me up for drinks or dinner or anything really. It's great to be back and I am ready to grind harder than ever. Good luck to everyone else and as usual, follow me on twitter if you don't @jaymesrosenthal ... will start tweeting a bunch more and also some fun online hands and pics of the new city.

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Dont think I ever posted that I moved my blog to stackemcoaching.com still under jaymesbond. Here is a link to my latest one. I have still been reading all of the ones here although I just dont comment. Who can resist seeing RobinRipper on skywalkers amirite? GL guys, hope to see everyone in Vegas this summer again.

Link to blog:
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It sure has been awhile, I am not sure whether it is because I just don't want to blog anymore, or that I just have not been spending too much time at my computer or in/around the leggo site as much. I have mixed emotions about my whole poker career, whether or not I am on the slow decline into taking my life somewhere else, or too really go hard at this for an extended period of time.

I have become what you could call a "low stakes live pro"... playing 2/5 everyday in and around Las Vegas, seeing 25-30 hands an hour, pushing my edges, reading people and abusing their bad habits, and trying to grind out a living. I started out on a heater, making about $120/hour for a good chunk of time and thinking that I have completely adjusted to the live arena and will soon be able to move up to some great Bellagio 5/10.

Also I ran deep in a WSOP 1k event, finishing 29th for a decent chunk and feeling, although not great from losing a flip to bust, rather amazing, crushing and finally getting my bankroll to a more comfortable level to not have to worry about rent all the time. Cue the dark clouds moving in, a 4 day bender at the 2/5 games leaving me 5k less rich. Now, it's funny, I remember finally being able to handle bigger losing days online very well, sure I would be a little upset, but I would get over it and crush the next day. Live poker attacks my emotions so much harder though.

I am sitting at Aria, down 2.5k in one session at a tough table (for 2/5 anyway) and thinking to myself... I could flip this fucking table over, take chips, throw them at 50 mph directly at the dealer's face and punch the Norwegian player who stacked me earlier for a big pot. But I just sat there, my body overheating and my hands tapping the felt as I contemplate why the fuck I do this as my job, why the fuck I am sitting hear losing money and why the fuck online poker had to change. As I dumped my last $500 for the night resulting in a 3k loss I left the poker room in that fast paced fashion, ready to get as far away from that oxygen filled room as possible and into my hot tub to plunk myself under the 98 degree water and let out that scream I had built up inside from that night's session. Of course my hot tub closes at midnight. Fuck.

I took a shower, changed, got ready for bed, and finally was in a relaxed state... I had just live tilted my brains out. I literally laid in bed laughing at how I just acted, and realized that there's going to be another day, another old man, another Norwegian, and of course, another upswing. This all comes down to me trying to prove a point, and that is that if you are ever going to try and be a successful live player, emotional control is the biggest obstacle. If you are able to drop two buy-ins and continue playing your A-game, then you will succeed. If not, well...

So that's where I am at in live poker, trying to leave every session the same way I started, and to not let the sunglass wearing, short run gods that are the Las Vegas tourists ever twist my emotional state. If I can sustain this, I should get to 10/20 which I think is the goal for me. I want to at least taste those stakes, even if only for a month, don't call it a comeback.

Okay, back to non poker things. WSOP has brought out the whole poker world and has been producing great action throughout the city, and many friends of mine are here and it has been a great time. The LeggoPoker party was a couple nights ago and it was a blast. If you can get over the idea that a party will not have girls or midgets and go with an open mind, you'll always enjoy yourself with LP.

I have been trying to think of other things to do with my time. I have also been pretty unsuccessful with that.


Some pictures for you as always...

Pool at night...


toocrispy, a kid with a dream...


Water level...

A means to an end...

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Now, I am the not the best tournament player, but I feel like my tournament game is strong and that I understand the flow of an MTT and how I should play in and out of each level, especially when I have a good chip stack. With that said, today I fucked up.

Lately I have been playing a ton of live cash and one thing I have learned is that removing my ego from the table has been a good thing overall. I am putting myself in much better spots against worse players and not trying to prove myself to better players by 3 betting them of trying weird lines and leveling myself... bla bla. Anyhow today I played the 1st of many Venetian Deepstacks that run throughout the first half of the wsop. It's a $340 buyin and had a whopping 1200 players, trust me for this series, that's a ton. First would prolly be 80k or something ridiculous.

I chipped up from the starting 12k stack and had 34k at 150/300/25 when another player with a big stack came and sat two to my right. He was a younger kid, stylish hair, an arrogance about him, and overall just the look of a classic internettish punk. My juices started flowing because I am not one to shy away from coming after a stack like that. Instead of letting him control everything, which it looked like he wanted to do after his first hand, I for some reason felt the need to come after him asap.

His first hand at the table he won from the sb after calling a raise and rivering a straight with 45o. This told me he was a bit on the crazy side and ready to gamble, but not necessarily spewy or anything. The next hand it folds around to him otb and he makes it 700. I already felt like nothing was going to stop me from 3 betting him here to set the tone. I look down at 98o and make it 2200. He has me covered (two big stacks if you didn't read it right). He calls. Flop is 1093r and I c-bet 2.5k. He takes about 10 seconds and shoves. Before I get into anything else I will tell you what happened. I almost beat his chips into the pot snap calling and saying at the same time... you have QJ here 100%. He has QJ. Turn J. I leave.

Now, sure, I had 54% equity and I made a good read and I could have won a ~70k stack at 150/300... but I mean... who cares. As I walk away from the Venetian I realize there was no need to be out of the tournament. There was no need for me to try and prove myself, I know my skill set, I know that patience and solid play would get me much further. I don't even hate the 3bet but there is no reason to call off a shove even if he does have QJo every time. You are leaving your tournament up to a coin flip after you had done well constructing yourself a great stack, and now it's gone because ego got in the way. If I fold I have 30k at 150/300 (100bbs!) and am still in amazing shape to play skilled poker, chip up, cash, then win all the monies...

I am not too disappointed but am glad I can look at this objectively. As the WSOP approaches, think about this guys, think about how you have such a skill edge over most people and that even if one or two players around you know what they are doing, playing solid poker with good reads will get you further than letting your ego get in the way.

Good luck to everyone here in Vegas this year, I feel good coming into the series... do you?
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In this 8th edition of the BondCast, Jaymes brings aboard fellow coach bw07507 to interview long time Leggo member "thisbetom". His name actually is Tom, surprised? They talk about Tom's poker life, his transition to live play, hand analysis from some live games and much more. Tune in!

<object width="640" height="390"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/GaER_nzzm1w?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/GaER_nzzm1w?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="640" height="390" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>
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For those of you who arent friends with me on fbook (all these pics are from there), heres a bunch of photos from my past couple months in Vegas...

"Written in the stars"

RA Sushi

"The Task Guy"

Buddy finishing off the Ceasar's HU MTT

Seahorse bar, home of 20 dollar shots...

Deuce Lounge, one of my fave spots (Aria)

Two Bit Hustler imo...

You all know about CUT

New home of the biggest games...

"A city coming to life"

I make postcards, that's what I do

Back of Wynn, tranquility...

Welcome to Las Vegas


A nice score, great tournament...

"Things got a bit Haze-y"

ChiJoey, bw07507

"Eye in the Sky"

XS 2 year Ann.- Deadmau5

"At least he tried..."

Taxation without representation"

"Fountain of Youth"


NBC HU Championship

"But how much are you down?"


This was fun...

So were these...

Favorite Spot in Las Vegas, hands down...

It's amazing what some people will do for $40 towards a Sex and the City slot machine...

RedRock Scramblin'...

O'Shea's you say?

Still searching for a heater...

St. Patrick's Day


Vegas' newest sensation...

Hard to complain about the little things...

Well done sir, well done...

A night I wouldn't mind forgetting...


Evening golf...

I'm a sucker for a profile pic...

Someone please getdaragzout...

Pics of my new place for a year... Veer Tower West

A cozy little place...

... with a kitchen I'll never use...

... and a bathroom of elegance...

... with an amazing shower.

A view from the bottom...

... from the top...

... and from my bed.

Oh and my useless grindstation.

A standard neighbor?

Mandarin Oriental

"Welcome to the A shawty"

The great Nicolak...

Ghostbar'n Tuesday

A wonderful hike out towards Hoover Dam...

Hope you enjoyed the pics and Las Vegas... I know these girls did:

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Name: Jaymes Rosenthal
Skype: jaymes17 (or just my full name)
AIM: jaymesrosenthal

Hey guys, I am currently on the lookout for a live staking deal for 2-5 thru 5-10 cash games in Vegas. I just moved into Veer towers located directly next to Aria and have been playing 30-40 hours a week in the poker room and plan to keep on doing that. I am well versed in the live seen and feel that I have a great edge in these games any day of the week, even in the 10/20 that runs once in awhile.

With the blackout I can only afford 2/5 on my live roll and would like to get the weight taken off my shoulders to set aside the rest of my money for living expenses and to just grind off the stake for me and my backer. Obviously it would make it easier if it were someone located in Las Vegas to arrange meeting times and payment.

Anyone interested please PM me. Fellow leggo coach Bw07507 and other members can vouch for me upon request.

Want to make this happen soon, thank you.
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So here it is, saturday March 26th, 2011 and I have decided that this is as good a time as any to throw up a blog as it has been quite awhile. If you don't already know I am living in Vegas still with HemmaCuda and I will be here for sure until the end of the world series. After that I mostly feel that I will stay here but I don't completely know how I feel on that topic.

Over the past couple months I have ridden a pretty monstrous emotional roller coaster when it comes to poker. It makes me think about the future and how I am pretty sure poker is just a way to pass time until I find something I truly want to dive into. I have read a ton of things on start ups and entrepreneurial articles and it really makes me want to focus all of my time and energy into something like that. I am a project based worker and feel that creating something from the ground up that becomes successful is what I truly want to do. I am prepared to work extremely hard at it but I don't want to get into anything that I don't completely believe in and/or am even interested in. I don't know if any of you have really ventured into start ups... but it just isn't easy to get going when you don't have a starting point. But I consider options everyday and I believe something is going to develop and I am prepared for that day.

I have recently been spending time around people that are my age but just SO far ahead of me when it comes to many things that it just makes me think of where I could be, not that I could be where they are but I could definitely be closer. I need goals every day, I need to be accountable, I need to take advantage of being young, able and willing. I am taking this poker thing for granted and I shouldn't be. Blogging or watching sportscenter shouldn't be a goal. Searching for new ideas for startups, grinding x amount of hands or going on lunch and dinner dates to develop my network sounds way more productive. It's funny isn't it.

As for health, I have started weight training with a friend of mine who went to school with me and just moved out here to pursue a very sick opportunity involving golf and Phil Ivey and since he's in great shape and understands working the body and nutrition, it's a great partner to have. Nutrition has definitely been the most difficult as I have eaten like shit my entire life and have so much body fat that results take forever to see. I am looking at is as if I at least cut down on the random late night fast food, the burger and fries every day, the constant 4-5 nights out on the town and some other things, that it should add up and by summertime I may be able to be around 210 or a bit less. One goal I have is this new race I have heard about that is becoming very popular all over the country... TOUGH MUDDER ... and I think that the one in snow valley, socal or the one in Colorado would be really fun and a great accomplishment at the same time. If you guys have anything mental tips for eating better please post, this has been really difficult and I have only done it for about a week (eating healthy that is).

Becoming a Leggo Coach seems to be going well and by the feedback I have received I guess people have enjoyed the first few videos I have produced. I was pretty nervous so thanks for that and I hope it can help the micro guys dominate. I am about to take on a few students so I am fairly excited about that. Also the "Bankroll on Swole" series is underway and heAdstroMan's first dual commentary video with me should be released soon (10nl).

Summertime isn't too far away and I am really excited to see everyone again as last year was an awesome time. Atm bw0749082547820954 is looking into booking a Vegas house so i'll most likely be jumping on board with that and living somewhere in Henderson or Southwest Vegas and just lounging by the pool, grinding in the war room(s) and winning the occasional bracelet. If any of you are coming out PLEASE get in touch with me, I go out a ton, know a lot of great places in Vegas to party/eat/clubs/etc... and I always like meeting new people. Oh and trampoline dodgeball league sounds like it's going to happen so get ready to get owned in that regard, ainec.

Oh and I won a Venetian Deepstack mtt for like 14.4k but lost all that by two weeks after. Standard. Your welcome Vegas!

If you want to see a ton of pictures from in and around Vegas friend me on facebook and check out my mobile uploads, oh and twitter has randomly boomed so I am on there as well @jaymesrosenthal

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Guys I opened up four CG tables on the MicroBaller home game on poker stars, there is 10nl, 50nl, 100nl, and 200nl... I will prolly be online later around 1 or 2am est

Get on and start some games! Ill usually try to be on around this time daily...

Club ID: 10042
Passcode: onetime?
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