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considering my post yesterday
ive cashed in 2 out of 8 freerolls
the amount of donks shippin chips over is unreal that been said
what you have to remember 1 in every 4 times pair against pair the underdog will win
so its probably better sooner rather then later when theres more chips involved to get your chips in good,(i just wonder why people play freerolls and dont actuallly play or just dump chips ?)
im not guna play anymore freerolls as they take hours for lilttle reward instead im going to take my whole bankroll and pick spots to double up so tite tite tite against rather easy opponents at 1c/2c 6max tables around 4 hours play i will ov hoped to make around 20 dollers this is my aim today i will be running pokertracker hud as i say i would normally gamble if i was 53% favorite to win the hand but as my bankroll is so shallow im picking spots to dump money in the fav or just hit the flop so strong
if i miss the flop i wont c bet as il have around 2 other people in the pot as well
thanks for reading wish me good luck lol
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i have been wondering why i drink and play poker when i know im going to lose :l .
that being said im glad full tilt has got a limit on how many visa bankcards you can use (2)
and now im on my 3rd in around 6 months because of being drunk so no full tilt for me lol.
so i gess this post is going to be about making money from nothing except a mouse a laptop
internet and fulltilt poker, starting at the freeroll tables i think obviously i will have to squeeze through a field of 7500 who wish to donk chips off so tite aggresive should work perfectly. if i enter around 20 cashing in 3 will be a great sucsess i think due to hugh varience in poker.
Im not to sure how long this will take so my next blog will be when ive cashed and started grinding the 1c/2c tables lol im not dissing anyone who plays these but i think tite aggresive ABC poker would work as normally around 44% see the flop :l anyway i hope you wish me good luck and good luck at the tables
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