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NAPT Mohegan Sun
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I am a fan of the Mohegan Sun. It's a bigger and better and more sophisticated Turningstone, but the problem for me is it's equidistant from Atlantic City, so it's never really worth it to go.

I busted out of the main in level 4. Went from 30k (starting stack) to 1850 chips in the first level on a single hand!

50/100. I raise UTG1 with AsQd. UTG2 calls, he's been fairly loose. Flop comes J57r. I cbet and he calls. Turn K, bringing a spade draw. I'm pretty sure he's floating me. I check, he bets 1100 into a 1500ish, I c/r to 3500. He calls fairly quickly, river is a 3s. I think and bet 5400, he raises to 11000, I shove for about 30k total. He tanks and calls with QTss.

I am left with 1850 chips at 50/100 after the hand, but work my way up to 16000. I then get QQ AIPF vs. AK at 150/300, lose on a board of Q5AAA. I'm very happy about how I played in the tournament, and I'm very happy that I had 1850 left 30 minutes into the tournament and wasn't phased at all. I didn't tilt stick in my stack at all, and put myself in a position where I was a coinflip away from bringing 6% of a stacking size back to over 30k. I'll probably play the 2k tomorrow, as the structure looks decent enough.

Yes I know I still have lots of people that have more information from me for coaching. Know that I will get to everyone, as I promised, and know that it will take a little while. I planned on doing this as a one week thing, and instead of turning people away, it's just gonna turn into 2 months straight of coaching. I promise I will get to everyone though.

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gl in the 2k, sorry i didn't get back at you last night, my phone died and i ended up driving home this morning.
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Updated 06-03-2010 at 02:59 AM by arturboruc
i like leggo and its good value for money, ive reccomended it to many people.

but this constant pushing for more students from yourself makes me angry and it smells of desperation. everyone involved in leggo knows you on a personal basis so they dont say anything. thousands of ppl have the knowlege you have and you use leggo poker as a platform to get people who are desperate to succed to pay you huge sums of money. as far as i know you havent crushed for atleast 18 months, its a scam and scammers are bad. people handing out alot of money in search for a secret from one of the leggo pros who plays high stakes so obviously is amazing but in reality hasnt won a sausage lately. this is why i personally dont watch your videos as i dont think your qualified to give advice regarding the state of midstakes games in 2010- like many coaches. ill shut up and say fair play if you can provide evidence that you have crushed, other wise i just cant sit back and watch this as you have probably put more hours into coaching than playing then claim you coach cos you enjoy helping people when its clearly cos you make such low varience easy money. leggo should be embarassed and stuff like this puts me off a great site.

fact is if you coach 10 hours a week thats $4k? $16k a month = $192k a year. and what are you giving back to people? do you think you can really make $192k a year playin 10 hours a week? maybe in 2006

its a scam

i dont mean to cos any bad vibes in a community that is pretty friendly but i just cant stay quiet about this as its so ridiculous.
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