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Ideal game selection online

Posted 05-05-2013 at 12:41 PM by Rolling chances
Thankfully on Pokerstars at any one time there will be 150,000 people logged, many of which are playing cash games which allows for a good deal of table/game/position selection.

High traffic is especially relevant for those like myself who play ostensively at /50/100nl both at FR and 6 max depending on what I wish to focus on (generally i go by a week by week or month by month so my skills in each format don't get merged).

As far as table selection I tend to look for as few tough regs as possible who I highlight with Orange. (guys to stay away from especially to my left).

Having a good mix of TAGs, LAG's and passive fish is always favourable with notes on as many players making things easier later down the track.

Position on LAG's and LAP's are really important as having these guys to your left can be problematic as aggressive players tend to 3 bet your raises in and out of the blinds and loose passive players I have found just call with a wide range of hands when they have position on you and can be tough to get off their hand without investing multiple barrels.

This is really an open ended blog... what sort of qualities do you look for when table selecting???
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Back in the Streets

Posted 05-05-2013 at 08:34 AM by amurophil
Updated 05-05-2013 at 08:46 AM by amurophil
The SNE race starts within the next few days. Dreams of the grind cloud my mind, so suffice to say I am ready to be back!

8 months.
880k VPPs.

This should not be too tough right? Initially I will be mass tabling between 1/2 zoom and 1/2 reg tables. 500 zoom soon to come! I do plan on getting my hands dirty and reg battling at the 2/4-3/6 regular tables soon.

I had some fun runs while out on my latest donkament tour: I bubbled the WSOP APAC 10k and FT bubbled a big field ~$1400 in Macau. While I did manage to keep it clean most days, one night I did get a chance to hang with some Philippines peeps and put down a few too many bottles of Red Horse EXTRA STRONG. What Manila lacks in terms of cleanliness, infrastructure, and general rule of law, it makes up for with cute girls who can speak English pretty well and a poppin' nightlife. And I'm only exaggerating by a little bit!

I just landed out here in Taipei and currently I am apartment shopping. I found an adequate one today, so I will likely just be getting that one, because woteva. I am just tryna grind hereeee.

Its been about two months since I put in real online grind so I will be a bit rusty. Catch you on the tables fishcakes!
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WSOP Plans and One Drop High Roller

Posted 05-04-2013 at 08:31 PM by TwoSHAE
Hello all,

I just wanted to drop a quick update. I'm heading to Vegas on the 27th to stay for the duration of the series. I'm planning to play most NLHE events from 1000-25k. There is a good chance I will miss/skip a bunch of 1k and 1500s, but I plan to play some of them for sure as they are great value. I'm staying at Vdara for the whole series.

I'm definitely looking forward to the 10k HU, the 25k 6max, and the Main event.

My schedule looks like this:

Life is good and my poker game is as sharp as ever, and my results have shown this. If you're interested in buying but want to see recent results, please PM me.

With that said, I'm trying to gauge interest for the $111,111 tournament for One Drop. Of course, 11,111 (10%) of each buy in goes to charity. However, since it is for One Drop, there are likely to be even more businessmen/billionaires than normal 100k fields, so the value should still be very good. Because of the charity component, I am content to sell with NO MARKUP. I feel that I have an enormous edge in deep-stacked play and a strong edge in medium stacked play. I've committed much time recently studying ICM and tournaments, and have worked closely with the best 20bb NL player in the world to fine-tune my shortstack play.

I'd probably be selling ~90%.

Please comment or PM with the % you are interested in and what country you are from.

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A misplayed hand

Posted 04-29-2013 at 02:46 AM by Christian Harder
Updated 04-29-2013 at 03:07 AM by Christian Harder
Im not sure if this will be a regular thing, but today I was flying home from a WPT stop in Jacksonville and got bored and decided to write about a hand I played last year that I have been thinking about.

The following hand is from WPT Montreal last November, a super fun and soft tourney. When the hand comes up we are in the money with about 90 players left. A good tight regular opens from the middle position to 25k at 6/12k about 400k deep, I flat AdJh in the cutoff about 550k deep. I think this is probably my first mistake. I think it is a 3 bet and fold to a reraise from this player, I think calling is okay, but not optimal. A really good aggressive and creative player calls the SB covering us both. The flop comes JcJs4d and the SB leads 37k into around 100k. The opener folds and I call. The turn is the 7d and the SB checks and I bet 73k and the SB calls. The river is the 3d and the SB checks again and I bet 155k.

Before I talk about the rest of the hand I wanted to discuss a few things. First of all, the SB is a really tough, smart and great player and unlike most leads by tournament players I think his lead is fairly balanced. There is also a weird dynamic where we are friends deep in a soft tournament so I think he will believe my bets more and also not go out his way to try and play a huge pot with me or attempt to "own" me. As far as his turn check/calling range I think its something like 88-TT and maybe as weak as 55 and as strong as Jx, 44, or 77. As I soon as I bet the river I felt sick, I knew I made a mistake as I realize the only jack left is the jack of diamonds and I don't think the SB would call with many jacks that aren't suited preflop. So that means if he has a suited jack he has a flush.

Now, as I said previously, I don't think he's going to try and be a huge hero, and I'm fairly confident he will fold 99 on the river to my bet (This also means I should be bluffing him more, but thats for another blog). Even though it might be a decent spot to call with KQ or Ace highs on the flop I don't think, he thinks I will do that versus him. So then is he ever calling my river bet? If he doesn't call with KJo/QJo preflop, I don't think he is ever calling the river. So despite my hand looking like a trivial bet on the surface, it's a spot where against that opponent with that dynamic, I should be checking. On to the rest of the hand...

You can guess whats going to happen next right? He shoved over my bet for about 240k more and I ended up folding and being quite upset at myself. This hand has bothered ever since, despite the player in the SB telling me later I was beat.. I could have had the best hand but I don't really think he would lie, so that's irrelevant. I shouldn't bet. I think the optimal line would have been to bet bigger on the turn and bet all non diamond rivers and check diamond rivers. I obviously got wrapped up in my direct hand strength too much. Lesson learned.
Video Producer / Poker Coach
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Posted 04-22-2013 at 01:09 AM by flippity
Updated 04-22-2013 at 02:50 AM by flippity
Sidenote #-1:
I am listening to "The Marriage of Figaro" while writing this. If you dont like what you read, blame Mozart.

Not gonna bother with an introduction; Ah i got one: I wish i could write this in german.

"Introspection is examination of one's own conscious thoughts and feelings."

I wonder what a true introspective mind looks like. For me, introspection was always clearly a flawed and slightly dangerous concept. Flawed in a way that it doesnt cover enough to ever be of much use on a regular basis. And dangerous because being introspective means that the judge and the accused are the same person.

- http://www.osho.com/online-library-t...80cd67b8e.aspx

I realize that true, constructive introspection probably exists somewhere. And as usual, i am mostly talking from a pragmatic stand-point. Introspection could very well be done out of laziness, because people dont want to ask others - Because it doesnt suit them; This might be true because they dont have many friends, or because they dont respect other opinions enough (Which they themselves probably would disagree with; This brings us back to self-deception).
It could also be true for many other reasons, but the fact remains that we apply concepts which suit us, and things that suit us arent intrinsically good for us.

Why do i talk about this? I have had the considerable misfortune of encountering many people who believe in and practise introspection on a very regular basis.
I actually was such a person myself (on a very egocentric level), which brings us to the next connotation: We are. And we think. About us.
In a nutshell, you couldnt describe egocentricity any better.

So with all this random chit-chat, what does an introspective mind look like now? When and how does introspection work? And how can (does) it differ from just being a self-obsessed egocentric prick?

Introspection can hurt. Things that hurt are usually not done out of laziness. And they must be done at a point in time where something of importance happened (otherwise we could just go on being lazy).

Introspection can lead to remorse. Remorse can stop the vicious cycle of projecting your own flaws onto others. This will actually make people around you happy.

Sidenote #0 (I added this later, and for the sake of transpareny i am too stubborn to change the numbers):
You are responsible for making people around you miserable. Being that kind of person means that other people should probably steer clear of you. The fact that they dont hurts them.
A simple example of this is being a very negative person (and not working on it! I have not encountered many more beautiful things than a negative person trying to be more positive, and gradually succeeding).

Sidenote #1:
I apply the exact same type of thinking to poker, regarding laziness and things that come "natural" to us (and wether they might be good for us). Notice that Greg talked in a recent chess-video about students naturally picking the exercise that suits them the best and helps them the least.

And finally, i might start making my point:
I am not an introspective mind. I dont mind evaluating the way i behave, or the way people see me, and judge the things i do and dont do from a number of standpoints.
But i dont have the arrogance of calling that introspection.
I very carefully work inside my own mind, with constant reminders why this might be a very dangerous concept, and constant input from fairly random people, wether they might annoy me or not, wether i respect them or not.

Sidenote #2:
To me this is very comparable to the way pokerplayers talk about other regs being bad. It usually carries a lot of ignorance, arrogance and some hatred and envy.
We are very careful judges when it comes to ourselves.
Some might disagree with this, which basically means they probably need to dig deeper.
And we very superficially judge others.
We are happy to attach some positive attributes to the second part of this (being honest! being able to quickly form an informed opinion!), and (who would have thought!) we also find some positive things about the first. I am gonna spare myself those (I am also sick of looking up every second word).

What is my point?

People are lazy to a degree that blows my mind. It shows in every single thing they do, projects onto everybody around them (usually in bad ways), and puts them into a childlike state on occasion.
I am happy to know a couple of people who do their best to avoid all of this (obviously failing in the process), and i am happy to try and fail myself, probably on a daily basis.
Poker helps me with this, and i am thankful for that.

Dont be introspective! Look at people around you. Let them be the judges, and treasure what you might find. If you disrespect others, disrespect yourself. If you are a good person, probably everybody else is as well.

I have been sick of laziness for quite a while, while naturally employing it myself. This is one of the beautiful perks of being human. I am gonna keep failing, while pruning people out of my life who dont even try.

I also made a video about poker. Its not about laziness.

Peace out.

Final Sidenote:
One of the problems is that "introspection" is a fancy word.
Video Producer / Poker Coach
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San Remo

Posted 04-21-2013 at 04:37 PM by not2hot
Dear Leggo,

This is probably a longshot, but does anyone happen to know anything about how cash games are in San Remo with regards to stakes/amount of tables/level of players etc.? Your input would be greatly appreciated

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2013 NBA Playoffs!!!

Posted 04-20-2013 at 03:38 PM by robbyd86
The NBA playoffs start today which I'm super stoked about obv. The Bull's don't have much of a chance, but there's still that little ounce of hope looming that will keep me rooting til they lose. I'll still enjoy watching Lebron dominate and all the great match-ups that make basketball so exciting. I really wish the Lakers would've been better this year, I don't know how they suck so much. I was really looking forward to a Lakers-Heat battle at the beginning of the year, but now the Lakers are not that good.

With D'antoni calling the shots, they just have no chance, he was the worst possible coach I could think of for the Lakers. They're all old and have 2 of the best big men in the game along w/ arguably the best PG in the history of the game. So they hire a coach who loves to play super fast tempo, run the floor, puts Kobe at PG essentially, and rarely feeds the post. Basically he's just exploiting all his team's weaknesses. I didn't watch a ton of their games, so maybe I'm wrong, but it doesn't take much to figure out that a team w/ that much talent clinging to an 8 seed wasn't coached properly. I could go on and on about how terrible D'antoni is, but I won't.

I'm a little sad Derrick Rose never came back this year, but I guess it's better that he's 100%. I'm still pretty skeptical as to how good he will be from now on, and now I have to wait another 6-7 months (assuming he plays opener next year). The Bull's are solid without him, but even with him I'm not sure they could de-throne the Heat. In another 4-5 years when the Heat are super old, I think the Bull's will finally make that leap (if Rose is still good, and the Bull's didn't lose him to free agency).

I don't think anyone in the East can beat the Heat, and I'm not sure anyone in the West has much of a chance either. As good as OKC is, they still have problems beating Lebron. San Antonio may have a chance if they get that far, but I don't think they will. I don't have any bets going right now, and I'm not sure I've watched enough to feel confident enough to bet. These are all just ramblings of a guy who enjoys the sport, but really isn't educated enough on the NBA this year to be credible

Heat win it all, Bull's lose in 2nd round... these are the only predictions I have.
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Early Impressions

Posted 04-20-2013 at 08:42 AM by cntgetmedown
Updated 04-20-2013 at 03:49 PM by cntgetmedown
x-posted from http://uptodan.wordpress.com

I just wanted to post a brief update on what has happend so far. Essentially I arrived on Wednesday even though I was supposed to arrive on Tuesday. This was due to some fog in the Channel Islands which lead to the cancellation of my flight. I had however scheduled my flight with enough time to allow for some delay and I would have made my connection flight to Lisbon had it not been for further delay on the next available flight. This meant that instead of staying an extra day on the Channel Islands, I had to now stay in a hotel at London Gatwick. I ended up staying in the newly built Premier Inn hotel at the North Terminal, which was actually nicer than I expected. Had a Vegasy feel to it.
In any case I am now in Hotel Real Oeiras in Oeiras, Lisbon. Thanks to some help from my friend Gabriel, D33P on 2+2, I've been able to navigate myself fairly well around the area.
The area itself is very nice and peaceful. The weather right now is also very good, though one has to be careful in the sun as it is slightly windy so it's full impact is likely understated.
After a couple of reschedules, I now have an appointment today at 18:00 to view a place in Oeiras. Nothing too fancy, though well situated and at a good price. Right now my main concern is to find a decent place where I can just set up shop and then take it from there.
I've seen some pretty nice places, but they have no furniture or living appliances in them and some may require a car for transportation. I'm trying to keep my investments to a minimum at this point as it is not clear in which direction the government will take poker legislation. Though I feel somewhat confident that there will be at least six more months of unregulated online poker in Portugal at this stage and likely more. Regulation may also not be unfavourable such that I would be inclined to stay, so we'll see. There are a lot of ifs and maybes at this point.

For the next part of my blog I thought I would try something different and go for a quick question segment with brief answers, followed by some pictures of interesting things I've seen so far so here we go:


- Download speeds seem above average at this point for Oeiras, Lisbon (compared to Austria and UK). Ping was fairly bad playing League of Legends (~150). Overall coverage is supposed to very good and above average in EU.

Is it easy to get by without knowledge of Portuguese?

- Yes, I think you can live here without speaking Portuguese, however I am not sure I would want to. It definitely limits your ability to interact with the populace and not even all young people can hold a conversation in English. I've already met two mid 20s males that could not speak English and they were working in gastronomy.
In contrast though I have met people with very high English skills from whom you might not have expected it.


- Seems pretty decent from what I've seen so far. Definitely everything is available that a modern day person needs. Where I am currently situated I have access to high speed internet, a shopping mall, health centre, park, transportation, et cetera et cetera.

Are people friendly?

- Yes, they are friendly. They are also laid back. Can't comment much more than that at this point.

Is it easy to find a place to live in?

- I don't think it's hard, but I feel it's more difficult than I expected based on the impression I was getting from people that already moved here. This may also be due to my current location or budget. If I were closer to where the action is, i.e. Lisbon city centre, I would probably be meeting more people with knowledge of available places and be encountering more places with "to let" signs in the windows. My current hotel is booked until the 23rd, so depending on what happens today after I view this apartment, I may decide to get a hotel nearer to Lisbon city centre and try looking at some places from there or prolong my current booking.

Is it expensive?

- I definitely feel that it is below average for European standards. Much cheaper than UK I think and also cheaper than Spain for example (compared to Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona). I think you get a decent bang for your buck here, which is why it's an attractive place to live for a poker player as you are not dependent on the local job market, which isn't very good at the moment.


- Pretty decent selection of food so far (I am close to a food court though). Haven't tasted a lot of local cuisine yet, though have gone for steak Portugese style when I arrived with Gabriel. The coffee is very nice. I almost feel offended in the UK when I order a cappucino and they serve it to me in what seems to be a 0,33l cup. Here normal coffee is like an espresso and it is very satisfying.

Shots from Parque de Poetas opposite to Oeiras Parque Shopping Centre

Shot of a tram connecting Paco de Arcos station to Oeiras Parque shopping centre

View from my hotel room

Shot from city centre near Chiado area
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Posted 04-14-2013 at 11:25 AM by joeonstars
hi everyone im new to this online world been doing ok but nothing big to get a half decent br just wondering if anyone has any tips ie poker tools thx
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lag vs tag

Posted 04-09-2013 at 11:24 PM by joeonstars
lag or tag for going deep in large tourneys ie sunday million storm etc
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