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Graduated, Future, Etc

Posted 05-22-2013 at 11:11 PM by LT22
I graduated from college for the second time! I am thankful for all of my experiences, but happy to be done. School can be a major grind. Now on to bigger and better things.

Future Plans
Continuing to work at current job until end of July. Getting a little frustrated and bored with that job. I am too loyal to do this, but I would love to snap quit. I also do not want to burn bridges as the connections as this organization may aid me in finding employment in the future. Quite a few of the parents are higher ups in the community, though we have a wide array of low to upper middle class families. I have a great reputation with those who have seen my work and would hate to taint that reputation.

I start my new career path in September with an area firm. I am anxious and excited about this transition in my life. Big changes ahead, but I think they are for the best. Over the next months, I will be studying for the CPA exam. The exam (well, four exams) is more of a long-term project, but should be able to get a fair amount accomplished before the end of the year.

Did not play the interwebs poker in April. So far in May, I've played just over 10 hours, which is not too bad considering finals just got over. I have a goal of playing 50 hours/month. I think this is attainable, but it's definitely NOT a sure thing. If I get myself in the habit of playing, I will get it done. I am definitely a creature of habit. I am conflicted between focusing all my energy on CPA exam or splitting my focus between poker and the CPA exam. Part of me wants to give all my effort to the exam, but meh. The money of online poker is drawing me in. I was not too keen on playing much until I started to put together a budget of income from job and monthly expenses. Not a lot left over at the end of each month, so poker can obviously help significantly.

Nevada dealt the first hand of regulated, online poker in the United States which is exciting. New Jersey should be coming online by the end of the year. If we can get a few more states to combine player pools, I think the implications are exciting. I am considering going to Vegas in August to grind some legal online poker before I start my new job.

That's all I got. I'll prob try to update the end of each month to see if I am meeting my goals. GL at the tables.
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Views From A Tall Building and More

Posted 05-21-2013 at 07:42 PM by robbyd86
No idea what to title this blog.I like this song

I registered for all my fall classes after having to sit through a 4 hour orientation. I'm 100% sure that I went through it already, but they didn't have it on file, and I found out 0 new information. All I needed was for the advisor to approve a couple of my classes which took 2 minutes. It's amazing how tilting some of the 18yo kids were coming out of high school. The teachers were also tilting, but I expected that. The fact we had a 15 minute snack time, and played ice breaker games made me feel like I was in 8th grade again.... I'm pretty sure in high school they didn't make me feel like that much of a child.

At any rate I'm going to be a busy mofo come August 19th. I'm taking 17 credit hours, which is like 4-5 classes each quarter. I have to take a stupid MCC101 course (MCC is my college), which is a required course on how to be a good student. I was like "yo I've got all A and B's here, and I'm fn 27yo I don't got time for that". Also, work is likely to be slammed through the summer. As it is we could work for a month solid with what we have, and it looks like we're getting a massive job down in the city that'll take a few months at least. I plan on getting a box of 5 hr energys .

I went on another date with the lady. I guess we're just friends, she doesn't seem to want to talk about anything yet, so whatevs. We went to a festival that I thought would be cool... it was not. It only had like 5 food stands selling similar foods, bud light only, small area, and one stage w/ not the ideal band to take a date to (see picture below)

If I was with my guy friends it probably would've been bearable, but it was still music I listened to 10 yrs ago (classic heavy rock/metal) and super overly loud. So we bounced after 30 minutes or so and went to eat. Before that we went to Willis (formely Sears) tower which was the tallest building in the world for 25 yrs or so.... now it's like #8 or something, but still quite tall.

this is me enjoying the view

and here's a couple more views

The lady will be busy the next two weekends, but I'm guessing we will do something next month. There is a ton of stuff coming up that I want to check out. Taste of Chicago is always good, and Fun (the band) is headlining this year whom I enjoy. Blues festival is coming up which should be cool, and I also found a free House music festival. There's only a couple touristy things left I want to do, but probably 50+ restaurants I'd like to try.

The dieting has been going well. Monday-Thursday I generally don't have any soda or eat out, except for when someone decides to buy me lunch/dinner. Friday-Sunday I'm still eating out, but it's been toned down the last couple weeks. I think I've shaved off a few pounds, but nothing to brag about. I've been too exhausted to work out, or even play bball, but I've had some good exercise at work. pz Leggoland
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Portugal May Update

Posted 05-13-2013 at 09:13 AM by cntgetmedown
Updated 05-13-2013 at 07:08 PM by Vitas23
x-posted from http://uptodan.wordpress.com

I feel bad for not updating my blog sooner. Ideally I would have liked to have at least posted a weekly update about my whereabouts and plans. I think that naturally I have been very preoccupied with finding an apartment in a timely fashion, so it ended up frequently slipping my mind to write up a blog post when I would have had time and energy to do so. Also, when you are constantly engaged in some activity or another time goes by very quickly, so I didn't realize how much time had passed between now and my last update.

Taking off from where I last left things in my last blog post, I did end up leaving Oeiras for Lisbon city. I felt very idle in Oeiras, because I wasn't getting a lot of replies to my emails and I also got declined for one apartment that I looked at, which I am glad of in retrospect, since it would have been a large investment and my interest was partially due to the pressures of finding something in a timely fashion. It was a good place though. Very big for what I would have paid for it and in a very good condition as well as well situated. The downside was that the landlord only wanted to rent for 12 months minimum and it had no furniture or washing machine.
In Lisbon I was staying at Hotel DAH in Alameda (http://www.hoteldah.com/). It had the best price/value at the time when I was looking for hotels in the city centre. All I really wanted was a safe and clean place to sleep with a shower and Internet access. It turned out having those things more or less, but the Internet was not very stable and would cut out for quite some time. This was problematic as it hindered my ability to search for properties and there actually aren't that many cafes with Internet access here in Lisbon compared to other major cities. What I ended up doing was figuring out areas that I had heard good things about and then taking the metro there and just walking around and looking for apartments with "to let" (arrenda-se or aluga-se typically) signs in the window. I started off by going to the metro station Saldanha as I remembered Sly Caveat on 2+2 posting that he would recommend the hotel VIP Saldanha as a home base for looking for apartments in Lisbon. The area was pretty nice and I ended up walking around Saldanha until I reached Sao Sebastiao.

Map of Lisbon city centre
In Sao Sebastiao they have a large shopping mall called El Corte Ingles (http://www.elcorteingles.pt/informac...o_horarios.asp) that has free Internet access in the eating area. I ended up coming here frequently with the metro to get quick food on the go (Also not as common as you might think in comparison, assuming you want to eat something else besides a sandwich.) and to access the Internet. Another option for accessing the Internet is to look for a hotspot, such as the one I am currently using (The network is called ZON_FON_FREE_INTERNET and you can pay by credit card. It's free only if you have a ZON Internet contract.).
I ended up liking the Sao Sebastiao area and decided to focus on finding a place in that area. I think it is best to just find something you like and then focus on that specific part of the real estate market, otherwise it can quickly become overwhelming and discouraging. At least that is how I felt at times. At this point I also started figuring out how to game the search engines a little bit. My strategy was to fire up a couple of the main sites and then filter by date released and aggressively target places I liked that weren't older than two weeks by first of all checking to see if they were listed at multiple prices and selecting the cheapest one and then making some aggressive bids trying to take control of the negotiation and basically saving time in the process by weeding out people that weren't interested in my proposal for one reason or another. I ended up getting a viewing for a place I was interested in in Sao Sebastiao fairly quickly and ended up taking the place after negotiating the lease contract. The apartment was favourable as the rent was in an acceptable range, the landlord and real estate agent seemed competent and honest and they were ok with me being a poker player. So in brief, that is how my apartment search went and after roughly 12 days in total of being in Portugal, I was able to find a place. I'm pretty happy with my place, though it is not all upside. I've been waiting on Internet since the 1st of May. A guy came last week on Thursday, but said that there was an issue with the cabling and sent me to a place that I believe was in Oeiras (Leroy Merlin next to or in Loja de Alfragide), to buy some sort of protective cable tubes. This took a lot of time, but was an interesting trip. Some of the buses here have some serious G-force action going on when you are standing. The Internet guy should be back tomorrow and then hopefully install my connection. This has had a pretty large effect on the volume I have been able to put in as I have been avoiding playing on the hotspot I've been using due to stability issues (I've been folded holding the effective nuts on the river, just about to put in a checkraise) and have only really been able to play when at a friend's place that isn't super far away, but does require some time to get to.
Another issue I have is that there seems to be some smell issue in the entrance of the apartment which I think is related to old plumbing. It smells like rusty water. The landlord said the smell would go once water is running, but it didn't go completely, it just improved. This might be reason enough to look for another place at the end of my six month contract should I plan to stay in Lisbon. I will have to see how it develops and if there is something that can be done about it.

I've actually experienced a lot in the short time I've been here, despite having been concerned with finding an apartment. I could probably fill another blog post like this. I really enjoy being here, even though it was stressful at times due to the uncertainty of how long it would take me to find a place and also due to having to deal with a not overly competent bureaucracy in a foreign language (no offence intended to the Portuguese readers reading this ). It's also more motivating to work in an environment that one deems more worthwhile to live in.

I'm going to end this post with some photos of my surroundings and a video from a dance that is popular here called Kizomba and that I've had the pleasure of visiting a workshop for. I may be off on some of the picture descriptions as a lot of the times I wasn't conciously going to places, but wandering around trying to feel out the area and taking pictures of interesting things:

View from hidden cafe

Fountain near city centre

Park in Alameda

Port near Cais do Sodre

Fountain near Hotel DAH
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Back in Black

Posted 05-13-2013 at 12:28 AM by Irishman07

One of the more useless things I've ever received from poker was Full Tilt's original black card. I'm not exactly sure why they sent out an actual physical copy of it - basically it was just a credit card made of titanium. Sounds kinda cool, but you couldn't actually do anything with it, and given it weighed more than an actual credit card, carrying it around made no sense whatsoever.

I thought the idea had faded into the abyss along with Howard Lederer when Full Tilt went busto. Alas, I was wrong. Starting on July 1 the program is coming back in full force. While I have no idea where my original black card went, or whether they will be sending out more of the over-hyped paperweights, I actually am very excited to see the actual program returning.

The biggest reason I'm so excited is that in the months leading up to Black Friday I was grinding out 200k hand months 6-8 tabling Rush Poker. Over the course of this time I amassed over 4 million Full Tilt points and never spent them on anything. Luckily for me, the points were still credited to me when Full Tilt reopened, and at their current market value are worth roughly $20k.

Currently I'm able to buy $5k bonuses from the Full Tilt Store but I need to play a good number of hands before I can clear the bonus. Unfortunately for me, 2/4 Rush runs pretty sparingly these days and midstakes in general on Full Tilt doesn't offer too many tables, so its pretty tedious trying to clear the $5k bonus.

As a Black Card member though, I'd be able to instantly convert my Full Tilt points into cash without having to play through to clear the bonus. Saves me a good bit of hassle and it'll be nice to finally see a big chunk of money I had tied up from Black Friday, since the US government still appears to be in no hurry to return my actual balance. So anyway, even if it means grinding out some 1/2 Rush in the coming weeks, it'll be well worth it for me to get up to the required level so come July 1 I can once again be a proud member of Full Tilt's most exclusive club.

Poker has been treating me quite well lately. I've struck a pretty good balance between playing and coaching so that I'm not getting burnt out playing and not getting spread too thin trying to coach too many players. Here are my results since I decided to cut down on my number of tables:

I definitely feel like I'm one of the top players in the 500NL Zoom pool. I really wish 1000NL Zoom would start to run as I really like the format and convenience of Zoom but would like to test myself out at a higher limit. I don't really like playing 10-12 tables of normal games so its rather hard for me to try to just play a bunch of 5/10 tables instead.

Now that I've got my feet wet with coaching again and a few of my students are wrapping up their time with me, I will be looking to take on some more new students. Since my time is a bit more filled up this month I'm tentatively looking to charge $250/hr. If you'd like coaching but feel like this is too much for you, contact me and I can see if I can work something out with you, whether its a long-term discount, group coaching with another player of a similar skill to you, or something else similar.

If you'd like more info about my coaching style I wrote about it in my last blog post, and you can always PM with any specific questions.

When I googled an image for the Black Card, I came across this as well:

So on that note, I'll stop.
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Long Overdue Update

Posted 05-05-2013 at 08:50 PM by robbyd86
This is one of the few country songs I like... nice summer song too

I've had quite a bit going on the last couple weeks. I've been meaning to blog, just haven't really had the time to kill. I've also thought about blogging advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand it helps me sort through things by writing them out, but I could also do that without publishing it. However, I've received solid feedback on a number of occasions. I'd say overall blogging is a good thing as long as you're not sharing every detail of your life with the internet.... keep some privacy etc, and also nobody cares that much unless you're famous ....jk I'd actually say this community cares quite a bit, I've seen some pretty emo blogs (written a few myself) and other members reaching out to help. So kudos to all of you.

Anyways, like I was saying I've had a big couple weeks. I had a company call me up for an interview that I applied for 2 months prior. It kind of caught me off guard, but after some googling it seemed like a pretty sick gig. It starts at nearly $2 more/hour, 401k match up to 10%, high end health benefits, and steady 40 hour weeks. I also found out they had an onsite gym w/ an indoor basketball court which is huge for me, since I have nowhere to play in the winter w/o paying a butt load of cash. So anyways, I ended up nailing the interview and the lol test they gave me (lol because it was easy). Had a second interview which I thought went well, but I did have one or two questions that caught me off guard, and they went with someone else (pretty sure it was down to two of us). I will probably google a little more next time about interview questions.

So after reading my rejection email 2 days after the 2nd interview, I was sad for a total of nearly 60 seconds. Then I read an email from the Financial Aid office granting me more than enough money to go to school full time in Fall/Spring this upcoming year. With the other company I would have tuition reimbursement, but not a whole lot of time for school. Working with my bro I can pretty much make my own schedule and get my degree in 2 years or less. I've decided to take the max allowed w/o overloading since it's all going to be free, and not sure how much (if any) money they will give me next year. I'm pretty excited for it, even though it's going to be a ton of work.

On top of all that I've had a couple of successful dates. I'm not going to jinx it by posting pics or talking in depth about it, but I'm really hoping it works out. She's new to Chicago, and I enjoy going downtown (no pun intended), so we've just met there via train. It's been fun exploring the city, there's a ton to do, and I don't have many ppl to do it with. My knowledge of getting around the city is growing too, and that's something I've always wanted in case ppl decide to visit.

Here's some Dimsum we crushed in a highly rated restaurant in Chinatown

So far we've done Shedd Aquariam, Alder Planetarium, Millenium Park, Chinatown, Michigan ave, deep dish pizza, and a few walks in between. I have to plan something for the 18th, we're both busy next weekend w/ mother's day, and it's also my Dad's bday Saturday. She wants to do Willis tower (formerly Sears), but that's about all I have so far. Might meet up with some friends or something for a bit, that way she doesn't get too bored of me .

My Chicago Bull's pulled off a miracle win in game 7 while I was out on my date. I was a little annoyed I planned my date at the same time, but it's only basketball, and only the 1st round in which I already predicted they would win and then lose to the Heat.... they might have like 5% equity in the 2nd round, maybe 10% if everyone is healthy (which seems unlikely. There is a lot of talk about Derrick Rose and whether he should play or not. I don't even see how it's a debate, the guy hasn't played a game all season, will be extremely rusty, and if he re-injures himself there goes the next 5 years of the franchise or more (probably more based on how long it's taken to rebuild from the last time). Not to mention the Bull's chemistry right now is super high, and Rose hasn't played with probably half the team.

That's about it for now. Seems like I'll have a lot of work this summer, hoping to get close to 40hrs+ every week, but we'll see. I don't really have any summer plans, other than work, study another language, and have as much fun as I can around here.

Also a final thought about NBA playoffs... wtf at Will.i.am song/dance or whatever that is.... really irritating. I disliked that guy to begin with, but now my dislike is festering into hatred. I'm sure the guy works hard and maybe even a nice dude, but every time I hear a song from him now I just have this inner rage perkulating
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Ideal game selection online

Posted 05-05-2013 at 11:41 AM by Rolling chances
Thankfully on Pokerstars at any one time there will be 150,000 people logged, many of which are playing cash games which allows for a good deal of table/game/position selection.

High traffic is especially relevant for those like myself who play ostensively at /50/100nl both at FR and 6 max depending on what I wish to focus on (generally i go by a week by week or month by month so my skills in each format don't get merged).

As far as table selection I tend to look for as few tough regs as possible who I highlight with Orange. (guys to stay away from especially to my left).

Having a good mix of TAGs, LAG's and passive fish is always favourable with notes on as many players making things easier later down the track.

Position on LAG's and LAP's are really important as having these guys to your left can be problematic as aggressive players tend to 3 bet your raises in and out of the blinds and loose passive players I have found just call with a wide range of hands when they have position on you and can be tough to get off their hand without investing multiple barrels.

This is really an open ended blog... what sort of qualities do you look for when table selecting???
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Back in the Streets

Posted 05-05-2013 at 07:34 AM by amurophil
Updated 05-05-2013 at 07:46 AM by amurophil
The SNE race starts within the next few days. Dreams of the grind cloud my mind, so suffice to say I am ready to be back!

8 months.
880k VPPs.

This should not be too tough right? Initially I will be mass tabling between 1/2 zoom and 1/2 reg tables. 500 zoom soon to come! I do plan on getting my hands dirty and reg battling at the 2/4-3/6 regular tables soon.

I had some fun runs while out on my latest donkament tour: I bubbled the WSOP APAC 10k and FT bubbled a big field ~$1400 in Macau. While I did manage to keep it clean most days, one night I did get a chance to hang with some Philippines peeps and put down a few too many bottles of Red Horse EXTRA STRONG. What Manila lacks in terms of cleanliness, infrastructure, and general rule of law, it makes up for with cute girls who can speak English pretty well and a poppin' nightlife. And I'm only exaggerating by a little bit!

I just landed out here in Taipei and currently I am apartment shopping. I found an adequate one today, so I will likely just be getting that one, because woteva. I am just tryna grind hereeee.

Its been about two months since I put in real online grind so I will be a bit rusty. Catch you on the tables fishcakes!
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WSOP Plans and One Drop High Roller

Posted 05-04-2013 at 07:31 PM by TwoSHAE
Hello all,

I just wanted to drop a quick update. I'm heading to Vegas on the 27th to stay for the duration of the series. I'm planning to play most NLHE events from 1000-25k. There is a good chance I will miss/skip a bunch of 1k and 1500s, but I plan to play some of them for sure as they are great value. I'm staying at Vdara for the whole series.

I'm definitely looking forward to the 10k HU, the 25k 6max, and the Main event.

My schedule looks like this:

Life is good and my poker game is as sharp as ever, and my results have shown this. If you're interested in buying but want to see recent results, please PM me.

With that said, I'm trying to gauge interest for the $111,111 tournament for One Drop. Of course, 11,111 (10%) of each buy in goes to charity. However, since it is for One Drop, there are likely to be even more businessmen/billionaires than normal 100k fields, so the value should still be very good. Because of the charity component, I am content to sell with NO MARKUP. I feel that I have an enormous edge in deep-stacked play and a strong edge in medium stacked play. I've committed much time recently studying ICM and tournaments, and have worked closely with the best 20bb NL player in the world to fine-tune my shortstack play.

I'd probably be selling ~90%.

Please comment or PM with the % you are interested in and what country you are from.

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A misplayed hand

Posted 04-29-2013 at 01:46 AM by Christian Harder
Updated 04-29-2013 at 02:07 AM by Christian Harder
Im not sure if this will be a regular thing, but today I was flying home from a WPT stop in Jacksonville and got bored and decided to write about a hand I played last year that I have been thinking about.

The following hand is from WPT Montreal last November, a super fun and soft tourney. When the hand comes up we are in the money with about 90 players left. A good tight regular opens from the middle position to 25k at 6/12k about 400k deep, I flat AdJh in the cutoff about 550k deep. I think this is probably my first mistake. I think it is a 3 bet and fold to a reraise from this player, I think calling is okay, but not optimal. A really good aggressive and creative player calls the SB covering us both. The flop comes JcJs4d and the SB leads 37k into around 100k. The opener folds and I call. The turn is the 7d and the SB checks and I bet 73k and the SB calls. The river is the 3d and the SB checks again and I bet 155k.

Before I talk about the rest of the hand I wanted to discuss a few things. First of all, the SB is a really tough, smart and great player and unlike most leads by tournament players I think his lead is fairly balanced. There is also a weird dynamic where we are friends deep in a soft tournament so I think he will believe my bets more and also not go out his way to try and play a huge pot with me or attempt to "own" me. As far as his turn check/calling range I think its something like 88-TT and maybe as weak as 55 and as strong as Jx, 44, or 77. As I soon as I bet the river I felt sick, I knew I made a mistake as I realize the only jack left is the jack of diamonds and I don't think the SB would call with many jacks that aren't suited preflop. So that means if he has a suited jack he has a flush.

Now, as I said previously, I don't think he's going to try and be a huge hero, and I'm fairly confident he will fold 99 on the river to my bet (This also means I should be bluffing him more, but thats for another blog). Even though it might be a decent spot to call with KQ or Ace highs on the flop I don't think, he thinks I will do that versus him. So then is he ever calling my river bet? If he doesn't call with KJo/QJo preflop, I don't think he is ever calling the river. So despite my hand looking like a trivial bet on the surface, it's a spot where against that opponent with that dynamic, I should be checking. On to the rest of the hand...

You can guess whats going to happen next right? He shoved over my bet for about 240k more and I ended up folding and being quite upset at myself. This hand has bothered ever since, despite the player in the SB telling me later I was beat.. I could have had the best hand but I don't really think he would lie, so that's irrelevant. I shouldn't bet. I think the optimal line would have been to bet bigger on the turn and bet all non diamond rivers and check diamond rivers. I obviously got wrapped up in my direct hand strength too much. Lesson learned.
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