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back to reality
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without reading old posts i cant rememebr last time i blogged or what i wrote about so i might be repeating stuff. who cares right? who the fuck even listens anyway?.

so ive been hammering micros tryin to spin up a roll after the guy who was rolling my mtt venture froze make up due to his own personal shortage of bank supply.

the whole make up thing hanst worked out too well for me i didnt just plough through games i was too cautious when ide drop 1k or so in a session.

anyway its all over for now and im back to grinding of my own money. this had rejuventated me to get arse into gear , over the last 6months while playin under stake ive frittered away my own roll at life . ive managed to win a few k this month to pay off some stuff and im a lot healthier position then 1 month ago.

life of a grinder is a struggle when i dont put the hours in. but the good thing about hittin rock bottom is it drives u forward and as bust isnt an option all i can do is get my donk stick out and smash some donkeys in the head and take tehre moneys.

anyway not been out for a few weeks since the paintballing and things are going well i guess.

i really want go out and get smashed now as i have moneys in the bank again but il fight the urge for today.

another positive thing is ive started running regular. managed 1week of runs. 7x 30 mins runs . feel like the whole body tightening up and fat isnt as wobbly.

currently listening to some fucked up music. my housemate has got abba playin for some godforsaken reason. fml

good luck at the tables guys


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