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notts bound
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bout to set off to nottingham for the ukipt. been drinking very consistantly over the last week. might of hit a new high score for weekly drink consumption. il be knocking this on the head for the weekend while i attempt to win some moneys at dusk til dawn poker club.

the ukipt is decent structure and with lots of play and online qualifiers its the nutz as far as local tourneys go. maybe an hour and half travel . seams they improved last years needless extra day they threw in so thats good if i make day 2+ (lol at me ever making a day 2)

i must be the best uk live poker player without a hendon mob page.; its just extreme variance of things ive won just not been picked up by the mob collectors . the plus side is im as under the radar

i really dont care and as i now have a new name no one will know who the fuck i am anyway. i have my new deed of name but i dont have any id as yet. im hardly going to take the deed itself everywere as proof so this is the swong song for salfi today .
this wil be the last weekend where i wil use the name jonathan salfi. my driving license is due for photo update at the end of the year and i prob wont be playin any live stuff cause everything sucks local to me.

tried gettin a 2/5 game going at my local casino and nobody turned up. well a couple of fish did and patonius2000 came along . the game had 4 opponents and was basically a dream playin 3handed with two weak opponents. rob came sat down and one fish left so the game broke up

kind of annoyin cause 2/5 would be much more suited to me if i can get a game consistantly.

anyway didnt happen so mhhh.

was good watching the superbowl even know i knew nothing about american football i now feel clued up some what. not going to be a new hobbie or anything but was a good experience.

anwyay make up at about 11k dollars so hopefully this could be the weekend i get out of teh make up hole. its only been 4 months

they fitness regime hasnt been going so well. get to the park and want to die. so easily out of breath and im hardly out of first gear. havnt managed more then 1 running session in any individual week yet so thats a bit dissapointing(week been monday to sunday)

anyway had me breakfast itrs time to get dressed and have myself a donkey dinner . laterz


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grogheadflow is offline grogheadflow
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I'm playing it too, day 1b?
Mr Papagiorgio is offline Mr Papagiorgio
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1) you know that if you start running good by changing your name, then everyone will start doing it.
2) does this let you change your screen name on stars and ft ? If yes, everyone will start doing it.
3) does this get you out of owing makeup since it's now some other guy who owes it? If yes .................
salfi123 is offline salfi123
sadly ive ran much worse under my new name. 2. i presume its still multi accounting somehow but im not really sure what happens if i open a new account(kinda sure they wouldnt know but i play limits where metagme isnt that important cause no one can count to 5 or spell poker. ..

3, sadly the make up continues over to my new name.
salfi123 is offline salfi123
i played day 1 a greg. incred value shame i didnt get out og the blocks to have a bash at the bigger prize.
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