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well after 5days doin what i shud be doin its was gettin worryin for a while cause i wasnt winning much.
after dropping 50buy ins i moved down
then won 70 buy ins moved back up and won the 50 buy ins back.
all fun stuff really but giving me stress not needed.
anyway bubbled the 44 turbo when ran ak into dna2rna 99 so that was gay. i really need to stop sayin im due but i cant keep dodging mtt binkage its impossible to go much longer.
anywya back to the grind gotta keep it going to get some of them dollars to take to vegas.
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so i ended 2009 pretty bad lets say. i did promise to myself that ide deddicate to the poker this year.
so far three/four days in ive done just that.
playin sits to spin the roll up so far gettin my game back on track after many months doin nothing but play cash/mtt and far to much live drinking/gambling.
so anyway 2010 going well so far and and hopefully i can carry on with the momentum.
feels good working towards wsop 2010 so hopefully il be there.
also purchased table ninja oh my god how did i ever live without it?
anyway happy grinding il prob update end of week see if ive been grindin 100games ish per day.
bout hitting targets i set myself could of been a little better results wise but that can come later if im gettin the volume in the money always follows.
so sweet just having put my longest session in for about 7 months feels oh so good.
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well as im king retard its only right i should end the year just hitting a new hi of king donk.
well as ive mentioned before im a degen every now and again.
now there is nothing wrong with been a degen sometimes if u bounce back quickly and dont do damage to things in ya life that are good for u.
well i have a 5k overdraft and i was really really bored yesterday . so i say to my mate ship me 60 bucks and il play 1fucking cent 2 fucking cent hi lo plo . now i thought il 12table with him and get lots of hands in but nope he 1tabled and i lost patience at gettin action so just started spazzing off.
so i do the 60 dollars in and am shaking and foaming at mouth for action like im having some fit.
fuck the 2cent big blind game i need a gambling fix right here right now.
so what do i do?
il tell u what i did i took every penny of my remainder of my overdraft 2400 and i load up betfair .
bye bye all liquid cash in my life .
now i have fuck all liquid cash it feels like rock bottom.
i mean i have lots tied up here there and everywhere but hitting this new low has really just won me the prize of biggest fuckwit 2009.
so any plans i had short term are on hold and i intend to lock my self into a room until i have atleast 20k roll for vegas in the summer.
now if i dont have 20k in bank and overdraft available then i wont be going.

now i write this blog with the mentality of working my arse of in 2010 with a new passion and commitment to what i want to achieve.
im sure im gunner fuck up along the way but as i call a spade a spade and a retard a retard then i have to be honest with myself when i fuck up. i write up and confess to been a retard cause this is what a sane person who plays poker for a living rather then grind a job is doin.
now the logical mathodical me really dont understand how i get into these mentality situations of ebgtviubtiuntuilnvhunthuuct vuhtnriulhm r(technical term of mental blow up) book it happens and i cant pine after lost money so lets get on with it and see if i can make some memorys in 2010 .
goodluck all leggo folk and i hope to see some of u in vegas come the summer for a celebration of poker the wsop bye bye 2009 hello women braclets and a bank balance that is black and plenty of funds for wsop 2010
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well as i gunner be grind king come january the 1st ive not played any poker all week.
gunner start january all refreshed lean mean grind machine.
done lots of rando blogging this week about boring stuff but as u all aware im a rando blogger with a random changing attitude to different retard spots i get myself in through out the year.
after making a punt on west ham to get relegated the premiership takes some more twists.
bolton lose manager and pompey get into more financial mess thus meaning my west ham bet moves out and thus i made a shit bet when i bet. mhhh
still have lots of equity in the bet but sucks watching the bet shrink in value(same as blinding away i guess)
so anyway my blogs been quite long this week cause ive had nothing better to do .
its actually surprising how bored i get when im not playin poker but as i want to start year fresh im fighting the urge to play out of boredam .

been talking to mates a bit on facebook about rando crap and il prob cut this down to breaks during poker grind time come january.
feeling so fresh and ready to go i just feel everything is building up to a redic year of grinding and really pushing myself into a comfortable bank roll and winning alot of the moneys on offer in the games i play.
not sure about targets like ive sed previous but its deffo to stay fresh cut the fat of my degen mentality and really push this year ahead. ive wanted to quit poker a lot of times this years but always come back to the fact i actually have better earning potential in poker cause people are just so lazy at gettin better. sick thing is if people got better ide be more driven to play better and really would be forced to stove and review so many more situations then i do at the minute.
ive done a lot of railing of players in many formats and games and im quite happy were im at.
i still think my live game is my strongest by a long long way but i do have to fight bordam .
oi think hi light of the year was placing 36th or somet from 800 ish at 5card draw wcoop event.
the fact ide never played 5card draw was a reminder of any donk can run good in any given tourney.
so il await my run good deep and just keep tryin to put myself in spots were a big pay day looms.

im aware my blogs of late have become boring and its mainly cause ive just been boring in life .
ive spent a lot of time with people who are more alike to me then ide like to think but in truth thats what ive been doin.
so anyway im gunner try stay away from casino this year as it does bring out my hardcore degen side and i think keeping him underwraps is good in general.
anyway bring on 2010 im ready to go im ready to fill some potential and im ready to show the world there is a poker guy behind this degen ready to take a shit load of moneys for doin frankly what i love more then anything playin mind fuckery poker.

2010 is gunner be a great great year so much more experience to fall back on can only be good from whats been a very testing 2009 but somehow ive got though it. ran like shit in good equity spots and lived to tell the tale
anyway more blog ranting and for anyone who made it this far wp
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well decided west ham are shit and as the premiership is contested by lots of shitty teams who all donk on each other then i looked at price of west ham to do get relegated and i like so decided to try smash betfair for as much money as i could find on the line above 3.5 i think the actual line is about 3.2 .
so i got 900 quid on at average price of about 3.75 for relegation.
intended to do entire overdraft but could only get action at 3.5 and as thats too near the true line i fucked any more exposure.
i mean they have a very inexperienced manager relative to premiership relegation battles they played a few games more then everyone else and they are shit have lots of injurys and havnt got a lot of money.
i mean its a battle of a lot of teams who are battling and effectivly its now a 18game season for west ham. sed ide never use bet fair again but i decided its still 2009 and im gunner get all my degen bettin out the way cause come january im gunner be a lean mean grinding machine.
african nations starts soon so premiership loses a lot of players i dont really expect it to change to many results anywere in the leugue cause no one has that bigga squad exposure. chelsea worst hit but they have quality reserve team and the have easiest of fixtures over the african nations run in.

so anyway played alea last night mate was there to lend me money and did my bollocks.
ended up owing 700 to my mate .
should of known it wasnt my day when in th etourney i get 1/5 of stack in pre with aces 100 bb stack two callers both flop sets gg me i was tempted to fold post flop when old fucking granny calls raise then calls 3bet mining and then donks 1/8 of pot foaming at mouth shaking in her chair . fuck it i have aces im not folding just feels gay even if i think old bitch has me.
yer gg me other tard in hand had set to and little old biddy got coolered so cheared me up cause little bitch slowrolled me and kept playin the im old and senile card.
anyway so yer luck wasnt in and decide to play deep with mates at deelers choice
playin with mates in a 6card deuces wild game and there repopping each other on river on paird board with trips vs full house.
now in the game a natural hand beats a wild card hand.
so unless u have like quads or st8 flush or the daddy 5 of a kind then u shudnt be looking to get all ya money in.
but nope guys i was playin with going to war with top boat (not natural so pretty shit hand) against our mate who didnt grasp the rules and decided he would play his natural trips for all his moneys. wp gg. i obviously end up stuck to these guys cause flopping st8 flushes is no good when they have the 5of a kind draw.
anyway so much fun but obviously last laugh isnt mine cause they have all my money.
but im sure il play the game again and just hope to run better.
so yer costly day a good excuse why not to have many days of next year.
wsop roll building time me thinks.
had a blast of a night out and hopefully 2010 wil be my year to shine and run like god.
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well sat here early hours of boxing day and decided rant time.
ive not been playin poker much this week and ive been thinkin about leggo poker.
well i know very little about the site ive watched some of the videos all very good stuff really if only to believe im thinking the right way in spots when i play poker.
anyway back to what i was sayin i actually know very little about leggo poker and stuff

so i start blogging on leggo cause i saw patonius2000 doin it and it was cool reading what people write about who play poker(even cooler when u know them somewhat) so i start the birth of my blog and it allows me to think about stuff and bring it to the front of my mind rather then just have rando stuff swirling about the place.
so anyway after been given the passion to blog and ramble i now find it interesting the mindset of a blogger. why do i blog? i get nothing from it do i? why do people read what i write? why do i enjoy reading others blogs? im really not sure about this kinda stuff i dont really know what reason i read/write blogs i just do it cause i enjoy escapin maybe.
im sure the mindset of a blogger is just someone who lives breaths poker in general. im hoping one day il read these back to myself and il remember the happy times cause at the end of the day i can honestly say poker has given me some of the happiest moments in my life.
obviously nothing rivals the joy i get from my little boy who means the world to me but after that poker is certainly somet that i have a sick passion for .
since wsop i did find poker hard and its taken me a while to get to grips with its just a game of run good if u wanta bink a braclet(ide like to think i have an edge obviously but what is that edge worth until u realise equity or run ahead of equity that 1 time).
anyway i stress that im not maxing out my opportunitys in the poker world and i should be pushing myself more.
since wsop ive been more open to risk and chasing sunday millions etc but as yet no mega bink so il just keep shot taking and hopefully when ive thrown enough mud somet might eventually stick.
anyway end of another rant but as these are the ones i read back more cause i ask myself what do i want from life/poker etc then these are the blogs i get most from personally. although the rants are often the funniest for obvious reasons.
anyway il just mmmmmmmmmmm and think before i go to bed to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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very merry xmas from great britain
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india is part of asia apparently(i never knew this but feels like its somet i should know for whatever reason). i havnt looked it up so im not 100percent sure but il believe the person who told me this fact. i really did think india was a continent(what the foook do i know anyway im just a globe donk )

well i decided to play alea casino last night cause i had nothing better to do.
once gain i find the softest game of poker ever.
i have to listen to there thought process and watch them lay hands down in rediculous spots when im repping nothing but i know there gunner fold. i get to watch them randomly spaz at me cause they have no idea what is going on. i tripple my stack on the bubble. was kinda funny i kept the short stack alive on a stack of between 1and 3big blinds(m1) just so i could chip away at rest of the other guys. i only managed to collect 60percent of the chips in play on the bubble so was a little dissapointed when the short stack bust out cause i was giving him walks so he didnt have to randomly spaz with ace 9 when i was pushing his equity up every round.
anyway bubble burst i converted and won some pocket moneys. nothing worth screaming about but was fun reminder why people just are bassically just pushing buttons and have no clue what choice button is best .
a nice way to end the year a mini bink. il be back online boxing day for a small session .
nice to see stars has made supernova easier to hold on too so i guess ive already cut my 100game target to about 70 games per day due to there improvement on the vpp/fpp promo

i think this is probably better 70games per day target means il be on my A game more often then my B game auto bot game.
looks like the scheme now is perfect for me to aim at supernova only needin 7500 points per month and u get more vpps for a dollar of rake so all in all ty stars .
i was thinking of moving most my play to ftp but looks like stars is been a sexy chick.

my fav music track this year is dizze rascals holiday just gets me in the thought process of i need to get to vegas again (obvious vegas no holiday its a pain in the arse but its were all degens shud be in the summer).
was checking my stats for the year .ive won most my money at 45s and 180man sits. obviousluy havnt realised any equity from mtts turbos cause i cant convert end games. so i guess 2010 im hoping for the ev to balance out.
so jealous of all the people going to pca i wish bassy saffari and patonius all the luck sufficent to go BINK .
atleast they be lots of soccer on over the festive period and new year to keep me entertained.
its xmas eve and ive just given the gf and ikkle lad money to go to the shops as there doin my hed in pacing about waiting for xmas tommoro.
i used to hate xmas but now i have a little lad i have to be daddy and it brings so much more charm to the festival of xmas.
i fell over yesterday on the ice twas rather painful. left house to go to casino and when leaving the house slipt on the step
another rando blog comes to an end .
blog out x
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well played live drunken pokers last night.
played all night and played like 3hands for stacks obviously live poker means i had best hand everytime. nothing to tough people just looking to stack off to me.
i was loud and annoyin the table so obviously when i nit up and play the nuts they try gun for me by giving me all there money.
was up a good bit then decided to flip ajay for 50 quid at a hand of 5card omaha deuces wild.
ajay is delt akk deuce deuce . FML yer surprisingly i didnt win that .
on way out of building i decided 250 quid profit wasnt needed. if i took it home the gf would soak it all up so i thought lets try spin it up on the roulette to try get overdraft unstuck.
mission spin up 250 to 2250 didnt go well . mhh looks like im gunner end the year slightly down .
my friend has his own little group the magic square (shout out) so ive decided i want my own little group of poker players.
rich hawes
dave jackson
wil taylor
myself jon salfi.
i think the name is gunner be the tragic triangle. i know there is 4 of us its to rival the magic square for a bit of fun. obviously im very proud and i think there could be t shirts printed .

on a final note i wish u all a very merry xmas.
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well as i previously blogged we had a good time on my birthday and when i got home i was wearin a coat that patonius had given me to hold. it seams that the coat wasnt his and weve stole some randoms coat. i have no idea what did with robs coat maybe thats why he gave me it to hold cause he figured it wasnt his. he lost his coat and we found a random one. guess that summed the night up.

so anyway been sideswinging of late not up nor down but running poop.
today was well chipped up and final tabled my 1st mtt in a while to get the chip leader spewing equity like crazy and owes me lots of them sklansky bucks. ( one day im holding out that sklansky dollars wil be spendable)
so yer 9th how gay infact super gay mhhh super duper dave lazy fuck jackson gay

anyway good to hear the king of dossers had a winning poker session and can dodge real life for another week(wp dave dosser jackson).
every1 went down to dtd this weekend and i was very temtped.
reasons for not going was i couldnt be bothered its a lot of hassle for a tourney and when your running bad its hard to find the drive and motivation to play a tourney where the field is so gay and the structure means win or lose everything else is a waste of time.
so yes dodging dtd is probly better for less life tilt cause playin live donkaments always drive me nuts.

its gettin to the time of year were i sit down and work out what i want from 2010
now normally ide want lots of self improvment and as much motivation as i can muster to get me going at the start of the new year. im just going to stat the year out gunning for 100games a day and see where that takes me. kinda sick that i tilt cash out and am working on a roll of 300 dollar again after i was like 4k up last week.
kinda a dissapointing year to date woulda been nice winning the 75freeze today but i guess my time wil wait.
barely made anything this year at poker due to the disaster of losing loads at wsop .
but to come out 2009 only 2k stuck into overdraft isnt a bad spot to be in after doin some of the dumb things ive done this year.
2k stuck isnt a big deal but as i did the 5k tilt session in september tis a little annoyin i havnt paid it of yet.
anyway 2010 wil be sexy and im gunner get my 1st 10k score i feel.
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