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Looking for someplace to live in vegas from December 15th . Been rofling around vegas for 4 months and yet to find a mid to long term place to live.

Moving from one hotel to another takes its toll . Trouble i have out here is i dont know anyone and im
To lazy to travel and look for anywere . Also constantly have a differnt horse to cater for . Hopefully jonny comes out soon as i don't really want to be in vegas by myself . Really struggled to make male friends out here . I have a girlfriend but people who i meet at work /the strip are generally tourists so leave just as your getting to know them. Still find myself on Facebook everyday keeping an active social life but its not the same.

Wonder past the bellagio other day looking for a lil dave( a uk hero )
As i wondered around i saw lucky chewy focused and sat up straight . Think I spoke to him a few years back at a leggo party so its cool to see a face i kinda know without knowing final the wpt. Best of luck to him later .

Horses been knocking it in and my win rate is about keeping my finances steady .
Was working out if staking others has been proffitable or not so far . On paper i have the world in make up ( in reality im balls deep with 70 percent if my net worth tied up )
Im still rolled to cover my three punters/grinders but its becoming an additional stress daily when I have to deal with the moaning and the WHY ME type questions of how do donkeys make flushes every third hand . My answer is thats just the way it is .

Currently staying at the rio until my 30th birthday on the 15th December .

30 years old . Wow I've really made it this far . Dont seem two minutes since i got a bike for my tenth birthday or a play station when i was 13.
I've aged and developed in my own way over the last 20 years . One of my best friends dad fell down the stairs at age 48 last week and passed away . Not that I worry about death but life will be over before you know it . Death always makes you think about life and ask the question am i doing enough with it .
I feel like the answer is no but you can't throw caution to the wind and punt all your savings on a crazy vacation or whatever cause money is hard to come by somewhat . If we all knew we had a month to live would we truly live??
Im just rambling now . Thinkjng about death does that .

Im happy at the moment everyday im waking up with a purpose . I miss my son heaps and wish i had a better relationship with his mother to make my life perfect but it is what it is . My biggest worry is my boy thinks i don't care . I love him with all my heart . In case you ever read this Layton x x

Laters all . Just another blog and ramblings of a grinder in his 20s
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Il been back in vegas little over ten days . Living in a rent a room type place for now until my friend tom gos home in a few week .
My other friends coming out mid December and il look to get a longer term home sorted .

I got back and after a week off playing snap dropped a bag first session rofling my face off with a vpip of 100 for an hour . I didnt think i tilted anymore how wrong I was .

Since then ive been steady grinding and have broken even since my return . Considering i punted 1k on a slot binge and bought a bunch of new clothes in the sales im glad to be breaking even .

My horse is getting a lil depressed from poker i think and just seems to want to try make people fold everyhand ( his bluffing frequency vs people with the toppest of pairs and no fold button is way too high from what I've seen)
Overall glad to be back in vegas
I seem to be upsetting the regs in the rio game . Seems to be a bunch of people who don't like me ( I generally don't care for the regs in there they all seem nitty old Chinese looking Americans who's etiquette is shady to say the least . Slow rolling celebrating etc etc . I don't really care when tourists do it as they don't know any better but regs doing it just seems like a scummy thing to do .

The card room Texan ( think thats where she's from as she sounds like sandy squirrel from sponge bob square pants) has it in for me . All in all when im in there my back is up but it just makes me want to stack as many as em as possible in there .
Think I've been averaging about 3k a week out of the rio game in 7 weeks so ive been running good at 1/3 . Nobody ever puts you to a decision and they rofl there chips off to me everytime i make a hand .

Anyways life's good proffits are steady and although im living out of a shoebox with a friend crashing at mine im where I want to be .

Im spending a few days a week with a girl and i find this kinda relaxes me . It's been so long since i did the girl/boy thing ive had to purchase new socks new underwear and up the frequency of showering etc . So far ive managed to convince her im a normal good kinda guy .

Anyways just of to rio to go upset some locals .

Happy grinding folks
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Well wsop final tomoz . Might pop along see whats going down.

Get to fly to london next week
For a few days . Should be fun . Spent the entire weekend pondering why people do stupid things . Came up with no conclusions .

Im going back to the uk and il return swiftly to vegas im much happier here. Immigration makes me make a meaningful departure from US soil every 90 days . Kind of annoying but hey hum .

My horse is keeping records of his win rate at 1/3 . Hes 7k up for his 4 week stay so far yet he tells me how bad he runs :/

My other horse will return to vegas with me in early nov so that should be fun having to find a place to live for three of us . So badly organised its untrue .
Being living in a holiday rental thing costing 2100 pcm . Seems high considering all hookers and pimps live near . Desert tides . Its ok but il look for something nicer when i land back here .

Life gos on bussiness as usual i guess .
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So vegas little over two months .
My results of the top of my head are . Im bout 10k up at 1/3 and 1/2 but im actually stuck for the trip due to plo and 2/5 .
Ive gambled away 2to 4k on slots via frustration .
So im close to breaking even and il take that as its been a massive learning curve and im happy .

So away from poker i started having a bunch of fun with this girl . Girls everything i want in a girl but girl has her own dreams ambitions and ex lingering in the background someplace .
Now girls and me have always had the type of understanding that woman just have too differnent a mind set to connect. But this girl is differernt .
Ive always found girls really boriing ( sexy but boring)
This girl is training to be an attorney so shes kinda smart and is challenged by the world around her .
I can listen to her talk and i dont have the desire to go into a coma .

Can girls and boys coexist ? Seems highly unlikely .

Now thing about this girl is i think she likes me but she really does think about things too much and she worrys that il not fit into her life .
With poker you just learn to deal with what ya got and the reality of real life is you can change things if your not happy with your surroundings.

So im not really sure if my distance from reality and normality is distance at all or i just choose to ignore as many negative aspects as possible and just bounce along like a tigger .

I feel more in tune with reality around this girl and poker takes a back seat in conversation .
Im around poker players all the time and its refreshing having a smart girl to bounce off and talk about things other then poker .

Now no idea what happens with this girl its a wait and see situation but its fun and thats exciting for now

I played a few tourneys at the wynn thus weekend . Oh my at the standard . It was very comical to say the least . I obv donated my money to the prizepool and exited the tourney in usual fashion quickly . Flopped nuts and managed to get my chips into the pot for the other guy to find assistance of deck cooperation . Standard mtts . Onto the next .

Just going to grind 1/3 until nov now until my stable of horses get here around the tenth ( just in time for a few venetians )

Catch you all later x
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So vegas has been going smoothly and i need to leave in a months time to renew my visa

I have a cold and cant be bothered doing anything.

Ive been having loads of fun making moneys out here and although its rained in the last few days i really dont want to be anyplace else .

Take care speak soon happy grindings
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Vegas is kinda hurting at the minute. Breaking even but dont feel as if im nailing the top of my game consistanly enough.

My horse went home today so i feel a little lost.
Another horse comes out thursday so this should lead to many drunken nights.

Horsey who went home didnt drink while out here he just got his head down and grinded .

Having fun in the wynn game at the moment. Wanted to play a bit of 5/10 but hasnt been much running this week.

I went on a date today with an attourney. Was by most fun ive ever had by a long way and she was an awesome girl. Not often i can say ive spent time with a girl with a brain . Anyways im going to sulk for a few days then get back grinding later in the week.

Im loving our accomadation . After living from hotels for last six weeks it was so nice ti wash my clothes and be able to relax properly. Done far too many buffets in the last week but my mate had comps to burn so feel obliged to max out the buffet ev .

Anyways lifes good.
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Well as i flicked in all the tests for all the STI 's its only right i should share the results. 540 dollars it cost me for peace of mind that i dont have hiv or any of the other sexual transmitted deseases doing the rounds .

To celebrate i had a shrimp dinner .

Im finally ahead for the trip today managed to win 1100 in little over an hour at 1/2 this morning . Im now sat by the pool at hooters . Horse gets here thursday so im arranging a few drinks out n about on the strip for him and a few other uk boys here grinding .

Added note . I couldnt be missing the uk any less .
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Well plo sucks . I kinda got a bug for the game its super addictive. I managed to drop 800 in a 1/3 game . I really think i play live plo very well although im not very confident in my game due to results.

Think im on like 8 buy in downer at live plo poker . Granted its not a lot but at low limit nl live ive never downswung more then 5 buy ins ever . I know this sounds like im prolly really nitty and always get it in good but its really not the case . People refuse to gamble with draws until there completed at low limits so its kinda impossible to downswing if they play face up every hand . Throw in a few live tells and downers at nl 1/2 and 1/3 should never be severe unless your constantly running middle set into top set. The games are so soft it has to be a consideration to fold bottom set in some games( i havnt yet)

I did get a spot to fold second set other day as it happens . The guy to my right was lifting his cards too high so i kept getting a peak . He raises 10s i peel 9s flop 1098 . I prolly would of stacked off if i wasnt in the know . I felt a bit grimmy taking a peek at every given opportunity but mhh( not guilty enough to stop looking)

Anyway maybe karma but plo fucked me in the arse to compensate some kind of justice. I raise kkxx flop kj 8r i pot an spakka calls.
Turn 6 i pot spakka calls .
River j i pot and he check raises . Mhhh cant fold just in case he got kjxx . Jack jack jack jack . Nh wp gg

Really love plo but a winning hand once in a while might make me stay in the game to keep practicing . Stuck 800 at plo for trip and plus 2800 at nl in little over ten days. Looks like im running good to be up so much but i really think ive ran mhhh.

Got 80 odd hours logged at poker in that time so im happy with that . Very happy that im still eating salads and working the gym most days . Got 80 dollars in food comps to use but cant really flick in a buffet cause its nutz to pile on a load of weight .

I went to some clinic in vegas friday . Wanted to get clean bill of sexual health so dumped 540dollars on a bunch of tests for peace of mind . Hiv fade one time :/ . I await the results on tuesday . I await anxiously but i really shouldt worry i guess . They took my blood and it always makes me a lil woozy .

Anyways thats enough of me. Anyone who lives or plays in vegas an fancys meeting me your more then welcome to message me . Take care folks and remember practice safe sex dont be a fool .
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Well i was trying crown whisky at the poker table. Basically absolutly wiped me out and remember talking to some girl . No idea who she was. I remember her name cassidy . I come round next morning and she zeroed my liquid cash 2500 ish maybe . Not sure on exact figure but no more crown whisky .
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So here i am sat in mgm grand playing some poker for breakfast. Its not going so bad so far . Ive been here 4 days and im a bag up but spent a good bit of that on costs.
Vegas isnt cheap and over the next month or so im going to look at reducing costs . Ive been eating a lot of salads so far and they happens to be a gym at hooters where im staying for next ten days while i await the arival of my horse.

Im only playing smallest games until i get 5k ahead . Its seems to be printing so im happy grinding it out. Im happy that my horses seem to be under control back at home online and il try monitor that as best i can .

On a side note ide like to say well done to my sidekick neptune04 for winning the leeds leg of lci tour . Wel played buddy x
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