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Thoughts On LeBron
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If you're not an NBA Fan, might as well not read, just wanna blog a bit about LeBron James.

First off, I'm a Chicago Bulls fan and obviously would have been happy to have LeBron join the Bulls, but it's whatever.

The way in which he handled this entire situation as a selfish/arrogant/attention whore has just been laughable, it's really a joke how much attention this whole thing got and then LeBron deciding he has to announce his decision on a one-hour made for TV Special, "The Decision."

Meanwhile, guys like Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant quietly sign extensions w/out any attention drawn to themselves, even Wade and Bosh announced together on sportscenter in a brief interview of their decision, but LeBron needed more, which is sad, in a way.

What makes this whole thing very sad is not that all that, though. The truly sad thing is that he's born and raised in Cleveland, he's a hero there, a legend, basically a God, "King James." And, rather than being a classy/mature individual who respects where they came from, he decided that he'd go on National TV to essentially stab his hometown in the back. In the interview he mentions that he didn't any teams before this that he didn't choose them, that he just called the Heat right before. Not only is that just a massive stab in the back to an entire city that he's heralded as a king, it's unprofessional for the 5 other teams who did everything that they could to lure them to their cities.

Anyways, before this gets too long, my final thoughts on LeBron is that we really found out what kind of competitor he is. He's obviously the type that wants to throw in the towel and join a "super team" that almost guarantees him a championship (and probably more), Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, none of those guys would have ever done something like this. The most insane thing of all is that as a 25 year old he's already taking the easy road, if he was 32, 33 years old I could maybe understand it a bit more. For instance when Malone and Gary Payton signed with the Lakers in 2000 or whatever to try and have one last chance at a title, that's understandable, guys who have worked hard their whole career and haven't gotten a title, that's fine.

But, LeBron, you proved you wanted the easy way out.

I'm a huge sports fan, just wanted to vent, haha. This is cool btw.


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balleryen is offline balleryen
hey, sry if this is against your idea
but, if you watched the interview afterword
here's the thing, all the big player you just mentioned (Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird) all have something in common, which is that they all from Big city teams. and during the year they got their rings they all have more than 2 great team supports if you think about it
sure i was with you at the beginning when Lebron declared his decision
however, we do have to have the fact that Cavs is a small city which would be hard to bring 2 more great team support at once.
After the interview, i somehow changed my mind and think Lebron is a very brave and intelligent individual in his own way; just like waht they said on ESPN: Welcome to the new era!
sry if you felt offended, but everyone has his own thought, if you put yourself in Leron's shoe, maybe we would all choose this path
Les Perkins is offline Les Perkins
I really don't care how this all played out...I guess, LeBron followed his best interests. However, what bother me a lot is that here had to be collusion between Wade, Bosh & LeBron prior to his decision. I think, this will set a bad precedent not only for the NBA in the future, but also for the MLB, NFL and NHL.
Drewgle is offline Drewgle
I'll preface my comment by saying I'm a Bulls fan, but I don't think it will show in my arguement.

I think LeBron is scared to fail. He is too afraid to go to a city like Chicago, New York, or back to Cleveland, knowing that he's going to have to compete with Miami to get to the Finals every year for the next 5 or so. So instead of taking a competitive road, and creating HIS OWN dynasty somewhere else, he sacrafices his respect and integrity and goes to the NBAs new superpower.

@baller...Your Bryant/Jordan/Johnson arguement. Yes each of those guys had 2 great supporters on their teams, but were they arguably the best at their position? I think you can argue that you have 1 on each of the teams (Kobe and Shaq, Jordan and Pippen, Magic and Kareem, Bird and McHale?) but you can't argue that they had two, where with the Heat you can.

I think the reason this happened, is because the NBA has turned into a marketing campaign, rather than a competitive one. Could you imagine Jordan/Bird/Thomas/Magic getting together to to play on the same team? I have 3 arguements against this ever happening.

1) These guys are true alpha dogs, and were the absolute leaders of their teams. They would never allow another alpha dog to join just for the sake of winning.

2) These guys hated each other. Yes they respected each other, but they would do anything and everything to ensure the failure of one another on the basketball court.

3) Their teammates would have annihilated them. Could you imagine if one of these guys stabbed their respective teams in the back the way LeBron did? You think Pippen, McHale, Rambis, Laimbeer, Rodman wouldn't have taken some serious "frustration" out on these guys when they played again?

It will be fun to see whether these guys can actually share the ball and win on a regular basis (remember team USA) and what happens when LeBron returns to Cleveland.
ssells73 is offline ssells73
Basically agree w/ everything you said, Drewgle
robbyd86 is offline robbyd86
robbyd86's Avatar
go Bulls!!!!

IF lebron wins now, i don't think it'll be meaningful. I mean like u said he just went on a super team and won, big deal imo. MJ's and Bird nvr teamed up cause they wanted to beat each other and be the best ever.

Michael Jordan may have had a good supporting cast when he won, but he didn't have any help for the first few yrs, but just stuck it out. LeBron has Jamison, O'neal, and all sorts of other ppl they've rotated through the yrs that he still can't win with. So it's not like he had nothing to work with. If it's truly about the championships and not the money, why doesn't he just take 1m/ yr instead of fn 20m and let Clevand go get someone.

Also, they can't all shoot the ball at once. They're all big time scorers and it's not guarateed that this will work. Boston did it w/ garnett, pierce and allen b/c they had no egos and we're all about the team. To say that lebron has no ego after all this seems laughable.

Anyways, that's my opinions. I still think it's going to be an interesting season, and fun to watch.
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