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Default Fitnes Part 3: Motivation

Motivation: Internal and external forces and influences that drive an individual to achieving certain goals.

Why do you want to get in shape? Everyone has their own reasons; getting more attention from the ladies, look good at the beach, being able to log in more productive hours playing poker, general healthiness or for me the dream of playing baseball at the next level. This is what makes me get up every morning and go to practice, do a lifting/running routine, and eat healthy while the rest of my friends are living the good life eating greasy burgers and heavy beer.

Use whatever you can to motivate you to be able to get to your full potential. Two of my good friends got drafted last year by the Mets and Dodgers, I saved there articles from the paper when they got signed and look at them frequently because I want this to happen to me. Whenever I start to get lazy I read these or turn on a pro game and that instantly makes me want to get back to work and do what I need to do.

I think a big part is staying on a routine. Pick a part during the day where you will have time and the most energy to work out. I like working out in the morning so I am not drained from the day already, I feel like I can get the most damage done then. Use music to get you motivated to lift as well. Get your favorite songs and make a lifting playlist, this always gives me a little extra energy to get the job done.

Sticking to a diet is probably the hardest thing about eating healthy. A lot of people work long hours and just like to pick soemthing up on the way home for work or playing a 12 hour session on full tilt and ordering a pizza. I find it much easier to pre make your meals a day or two in advance so when your hungry all you have to do is take it out of the fridge/freezer and heat it up if necessary.

Have goals: Find out what your weight is and body fat % and set realistic goals for a month and then set a different goal for the upcoming month and keep a record of how you do, this always helps me.

I know this post is a little all over but was just writing as my thoughts flowed so sorr bout that. Be Good.
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