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Old 06-27-2008, 05:45 AM
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Originally Posted by MYNAMEIZGREG View Post
Hey guys although they are legal I would prefer not to talk about PS/PH on this forum. It's clear that you know what you are talking about Bern, but there are probably a lot of people on here that are new to training, around the 18 year old range, and who shouldn't be learning about this stuff because they don't understand the magnitude/risks of it.
There is no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to learn. Educated use is the only proper use, and proper educated use involves a lot of research, waiting until you have a solid training background (preferably you have reached your genetic limit), having your diet dialed in, and being in the clear as far as development of the endocrine system goes (25+ yrs old).

I don't advocate PS/PH/AAS use nor have I ever used (don't really ever plan on using either) and I've done fine for myself. This doesn't mean I (at 20 years old) don't find the subject interesting or that I shouldn't be able to educate myself about these compounds. Besides, if they are not discussed what is to stop the same kids from unknowingly getting their hands on a bottle of M1T and popping them like they're vitamins not knowing they are taking a very powerful compound?

On to the subject at hand:
The only supps I'll endorse are whey protein and creatine. I've tried some NO supps and they are all over-priced psychosomatic garbage in my mind (except some do have caffeine in them, but I'd rather just take that alone).
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In order to teach people how to use them safely it would involve "gray market" items that I believe Greg wishes to avoid discussing publicly here at Leggo. If people do have questions about PH/PS/AAS I'm always available to discuss via PM since I agree that people need to know how to be safe; I think we can educate those that are interested while maintaining the board as an AAS/PH/PS-free zone.
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Old 07-28-2008, 04:06 PM
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Ikaikaís Supplement Reviews, part 1 of many


1. Optimum Nutrition 100% whey
▫ Double Rich Chocolate
-- My standard choice for three years. Mixes great, tastes good, etc. Very good stuff
-- Rating: ****
▫ Extreme Milk Chocolate
-- A limited-edition flavor, but very good. Same as the other chocolate but a little sweeter
-- Rating: ****
▫ Vanilla
-- A good choice for smoothies, not a ton of innate flavor or sweetness but is excellent with fruit or oatmeal.
-- Rating: ****
2. Muscle Milk
▫ Cookies Ďn Cream
-- Incredible taste, but the nutritional value isnít great. Kind of a lot of sugar when you mix it with milk, which you pretty much have to do. Their ďhealthy fatsĒ are kinda gimmicky in that you can get the same thing out of avocados and almonds, but whatever. The taste is outstanding.
-- Rating: ***
3. Dymatize Elite whey
▫ Chocolate Mint
-- Very similar overall to ONís 100% whey, but less cholesterol and many more flavors. The chocolate mint tastes like you crushed up Girl Scout thin mints and made them into a shake. Very solid.
-- Rating: ****
4. Syntrax Nectar
▫ Too many flavors to list, but all light and fruity.
-- Nectar is a very high-grade protein; zero clumping, super low cholesterol, and great change of pace from the typical chocolate/vanilla/strawberry fare. My current favorite.
-- Rating: *****

1. AST micronized creatine monohydrate
-- My go-to for the last five years. Cheap, very effective, and no gimmicksÖjust pure creatine. Never any quality issues with this company and Iíve been very very happy with this. The best all-around bulk creatine Iíve used.
2. NO-Xplode
-- A good preworkout energy supplement with creatine added for fun. Tastes fine in all flavors and gives excellent energy and focus in the gym. If you havenít eaten prior to taking it, you can get kind of shaky/jittery but itís a small price to pay for the intensity you generate in the gym.
3. Omega Labs Cre-Ethyl Thunder
-- Based around using glycerol and creatine together to create sick pumps in the gym. Works like a charm and is pretty cheap too. Has niacin in it, so you get flushed and warmed up very fast. Great energy and focus thanks to some caffeine.
4. Cell Tech
-- This deserves a mention, not because it is good but because I hate it with a passion. All it is is creatine(just like AST micronized) but with a TON of sugar. 75g/serving is way more than youíll need, so donít even bother. Zero stars.

1. USP Labs Powerfull
-- Not a steroid/PH/etc. Boosts your HGH and natural testosterone production. The extra HGH not only causes muscle cell hyperplasia(new muscle cells) but has the added benefit of incredibly restful deep sleep. I havenít slept this well in years.
-- Great size and strength gains while on, all of them stick since youíre actually building new muscle instead of making your muscle cells just get bigger. One of my favorite supps and a standard in my regimen.
2. Cissus RX
-- Can be used to both combat joint pain as well as an anabolic depending on dosage. Low doses help keep tendons and ligaments happy, while higher doses have a definite size and strength gain associated with them.
3. Hyperdrol X2
-- Based on a very popular 6-bromo compound that works to both boost testosterone and inhibit aromatization, this supplement delivers incredible strength and mass gains. On the two occasions that Iíve used it, Iíve gained between 10 and 15 lbs over the course of a month. Obviously my diet and training were important in this gain but there is no denying how effective this stuff is.
-- Minor side effects include increased irritability, slightly oily skin, and mild lethargy in some people. Definitely make sure you sleep 8+ hours per night while youíre on so your body can recover from the increased intensity you will be training with.
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